Friday, March 22, 2013

Vampire Blood Incense Sticks - Weirdo

Hey all my dear readers! I hope you all are good :) I thought of giving a start to my new thought topics, what say? The best thing would be that I can speak whatever I like to about these since they are completely my own viewpoints. And thus I don't need help of any other sources for the information. But well, today's topic is a little too wierd, and perhaps the perfect candidate for being in the category of "Weirdo".

I guess I have told you all many times, and if not, let me say it one more time - I have made some really good friends on internet and I love to interact with them. A good friend, rather should I specify her as an amazing cyber friend of mine (Haha! :D) from Europe says she wanna be an actress. No wonder she looks stunningly beautiful, her smile is something to die for, seriously! The topic for this post, "Vampire Blood Incense Sticks" is something she told me a few weeks ago. I asked her for telling me something new that has happened recently and she told me about these strange incense sticks.

My first reaction on reading the phrase "Vampire Blood" together with "Incense Sticks" was "YUKK!!" And it is quite evident, I am sure many of you'd be having the similar expression. For a minute I didn't believe her and said, "Come on, I said something new, not something out of this world!" But she insisted, and said that she really bought them. I asked what do they smell like, she said, "it's weird, but not like blood at all" to which my immediate expression was, "Well, maybe because you never smelled Vampire Blood" LOL! :D In any case this was the recent most weird thing I heard about and I am quite sure you guys and girls would agree with this thing being real.

To check whether she is the only one who came across this strange thing, or there are more people, the best solution was to search it on the Internet, and searching on the Internet these days has just one meaning - "Google It!". To prove my point I am attaching this screenshot of my search:

So well you see this super weird thing does exist. Here is another pic I found on Amazon of the product itself:

Honestly, this is the most weird thing I came across recently. What do you think? I saw them being priced at $3 at Amazon. Don't you think that overpriced for such a weird thing? Or is it that much for the "Uniqueness". Who cares! I believe this being the weirdest thing recently. If you found something really weird, do let me know, I'd love to share! :) Good Day! :D :D

Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Topics? :D

Hey all! I know I haven't been active here lately, but seriously I have been super busy. To visit back visitors daily I hardly get time, so updating here is something out of the schedules! Anyways, gotta tell you all that I'm always trying to be here and post here whenever I can, and so I have thought of some new topics, let's see how much I can be actively using them, LOL! :D

The new topics are: "Weirdo", "My Take", and "Wow Logic". Since in the beginning I said I don't want this blog to end up a tech blog and I realised lately that I failed to keep that word, I'm now trying to diversify the topics and this is another reason for not posting regularly. I agree I don't get much time to post, but I can think of no topics other than tech and computers :O So after much pondering over things, I found these few new ones, and let's see if they help, so as my dearest blog reades, WISH ME LUCK! :D

And here are the post logos I made for these posts :D

My Take: This topic is my personal opinion about anything I have read/heard. This would be my personal opinion, so in case it is not liked by someone, please don't take it on yourself and don't feel hurt.

Weirdo: There are always things happening around, things you listen about, things that you see, all that are unbelievably weird, this topic would feature the recent weird thing I came across.\

Wow Logic: Certain reasons given by people for certain things are undigestable. This topic would feature such stupid logics about various things.

I hope you all will find this all interesting and funny :D If you have something to share do let me know. Leave it as a comment and I will love to share that! :D

So what you all think? Any suggestions? How's the idea? and how are these logos? :D :D