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The Thyroid is a butterfly shaped organ (or gland) located in the front of the neck, just below the voice box [LARYNX!], rather surrounding it, in the upper part of the Trachea(Wind pipe) in your neck. Like the liver, heart, kidney, and brain, the thyroid has specific function and role to play. In a normal adult, the Thyroid normally weighs 15 to 25 grams. It is known that it starts functioning even before birth! Thyroid originates from endoderm of embryo.
It secretes 3 hormones:
The thyroid hormones control various metabolic activities essential for energy, growth and development of the body. The thyroid must secrete them in required amount, greater or less amounts, than required, cause health complications to arise. The best way to keep oneself away from such disorders is the use of iodised salt in their diet!

Lack of iodine can cause thyroid disorder called, Iodine Deficiency Goitre.

T3 and T4 hormones are iodinated forms of the amino acid tyrosine. They maintain the Basal Metabolic Rate(BMR); promote growth of body tissues; and development of mental faculties. They control working of Kidneys and also promote tissue differentiation.
CT hormone regulates the concentration of Calcium and Phosphorus in blood. It is secreted when Calcium concentration rises in the blood. It then decreases the concentration of Calcium & phosphorus in the blood plasma by reducing their release from bones.

Graves disease and Myxoedema are caused by hypersecretion(more than required) and deficiency(less than required) release of Thyroid Hormones, respectively!

Source - My knowledge!

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The Boon of Self-realization

(Excerpts from Satsang of Pujya Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu)

No one in this world, be that person a scholar, doctor or a person of authority, can alleviate all the sufferings of an individual forever.

A doctor can alleviate physical ailments but is unable to deal with mental afflictions. A psychiatrist can help in mental disorders but is unable to tackle physical ailments. Morever, neither of them can relieve the pain of birth and death. But Self-realization, as such, removes all afflictions forever.

If you are dejected, sorrowful or grumble, your life force diminishes. Your loved ones will become estranged from you. But, when you remain cheerful, even strangers become friendly towards you.

It is rightly said, ‘The world laughs with one who laughs; nobody is interested in one who weeps.’

Cheerfulness of the chitta (Mind) is possible only through Self-realization. One, who has attained Self-realization, is forever free from the sorrows of birth and death, old age and sickness, for he considers that bodily afflictions like old age and sickness do not affect his True Self. Those who have the opportunity to imbibe the satsang of (Self-realization) are truly blessed. A person who regularly listens to satsang becomes elevated to a much higher state of mind than someone who earns millions. Many millionaires are languishing in hospitals in the U.S.A. They have no peace of mind, no happiness in life.

Therefore, the first principle is to be cheerful.

The second is to accept that God is our own, 'God is mine and I belong to Him.' The virtues earned by such a belief far outweigh those attained through fasting and penance. Bathing in the Ganges or performing Hom-havan (Fire sacrifices) is external (physical) sadhana. But one considers, “God is mine” in the mind. Therefore it is internal (mental) sadhana.

The third principle is smaran (Remembrance) and doing japa. Occasionally, one should confine oneself to a room and do japa of God’s name of one’s liking or the Guru-mantra.

What if one has no Guru…?

The life of those without a Guru is as futile as the ornamentation of a widow.

Even though they perform severe penance, vrata (A religious vow) and fasting, they fail to attain bliss and realize the spiritual heights that are easily experienced by the beloved disciples of a Guru. When one worships the Guru or the Lord, converses with Him and looks at His image with a fixed gaze without blinking, one experiences bliss. The heart becomes filled with bliss and one gets inspiration when one does japa while looking at the photo of the Guru. This increases one's inner happiness and contentment which in turn augments one's spiritual powers. Then worldly comforts follow you like a pet dog. Whether you make use of them, disregard them or distribute them is purely a matter of your own choice.

It is but natural that spiritual progress brings about material advancement.

Therefore being cheerful, believing that God is our own and that we belong to God, and doing smaran of the divine name along with constant japa, kirtan (Devotional songs), etc. purify the mind and the body, sharpens the intellect and finally leads to the realization of the True Self. And once having attained Self-realization, you will be saved from the sufferings of taking birth in 84 lacs of species.

[Dя] Destined Rockers!

Me, My School besties, and our band! Hello all! ^_^
0riginally consisting of high school friends, these Destined | Rockers, after graduating from high school,began to take their musical interests more seriously. The band emerged with an extraordinary appreciable concept of creating a VIRTUAL BAND. Yeah, it meant that there isn't any limit to the band members. The band stretches beyond boundaries of nation, culture, gender, caste and religion. None of them know that how are they gonna manage it all ! Our genre in specifically undefined, being just a group of artist with their own personal interest. Destined rockers is much like an institute for new artists than a music band. We currently got no voice, so we just write the lyrics, and after sharing them with people around on facebook, we see that we are doing a great job! Though we haven't yet thought of getting vocals and music, we are still in making due to limited resources and capital that can be invested(Well we are just students! HELLO!! Not working students! :/ ).

DFX For Winamp - Audio Enhancer Plug-in

Hello All! :)

I don't know how many of you are still there who don't know about DFX! DFX for Winamp(Also available for your Windows Media Player though! but popular for Winamp).

It is an audio enhancer plug-in giving your media player more vibrant sound. DFX enhances your media player experience by improving the sound quality of all your medi files, I mean both audio and video, such as, MP3, AAC, Windows Media, Internet radio, DivX videos, etc. It would renew the stereo depth, add 3D surround sound, restore sound clarity, boost your audio levels, and produce deeper, richer bass sounds. DFX also features optimization for headphones usage, audio spectrum analyzer, finely-tuned music presets, powerful music and speech audio modes, and many free stylish skins. With DFX you can transform the sound of your PC into that of an expensive stereo system placed in a perfectly designed listening environment. isn't it amazing?! Rather too amazing, right?! It is available for free trial on the iinternet. You can check it's website, And you can buy it for $19.99 (Ah! I know that buying part is hurting! LOL! But seriously it's worth it!)

The Rusting Blade

I thought to share one of my poems here with you all.. I hope you people respect my work and don't copy. Thank you!

"The Rusting Blade"

Standing still
in that battleground
with my head held low
no, not another blow
nor the reason being defeat
but the cry
of my blade
and that's why
my head ain't held high

I tried to fight
as long as I could
rather as long
as you hid
But that hardest blow
of truth that was never known
made me to face
that deadly defeat.
Blood started to pooze out
not by the wounds
caused by thy blade
but the unhealed wounds
that the truth scratched
and wrecked open

I ain't sad
coz. of the defeat
I ain't crying
coz. you ditched me
but I am sad
& I am cryin'
cause I had to kill you

The bond
that was formed between us
which I tended with all my love and care
shouldn't have had
been broken like this
& I never knew
it would end in such a despair

Your smile
which once captivated me
I never knew
would start degrading me
Slowly you took
everything away
and left me to fight you
with this rusting blade

But I couldn't hold myself for long
After killing all
soon the death took me too
away with it
somewhere, where you
ain't there
where my life
ain't a rusting blade

Written by - Bhanu Gupta (aka Dя Toxifier)
Kindly don't copy..Thanks for reading!

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Beautiful Seasons, Music of Nature, Orchestra of God

Hello All! ^_^
I just recall a nice excerpt from one of the chapters in my English textbook at school. The chapter was a play by Susan Hill, titled, "On the face of it". It goes as follows:
Mr. Lamb : I'm not fond of curtains. Shutting things out, shutting things in. I like the light and the darkness, and the windows open, to hear the wind.
Derry : Yes. I like that. When it's raining, I like to hear it on the roof.
Such beautiful lines these are, I must say! Some of us, sometimes get scared of the sounds of rain, the thunder, the sight of lightening, and all. But I enjoy them all. I love the huge orchestra god is playing up from the heaven, and how beautifully he makes the Nature play the music. I love the smell of the wet soil. I love the sound of falling water when it rains. I love the sky when there is lightening. I love the music of winds. I like the bedlam of leaves it makes in the autumn. I equally love the flowers in a beautiful spring. I love the sunshine during summers. I love the snow during winters. Such a beautiful and wonderful world it seems. So colorful as the seasons change. God shows his divine benevolence bestowing it upon us in the form of changing seasons. Enjoy every second of life you got. Enjoy every day. Enjoy every season. After all, God has done so much just to put an evergreen smile on the face of us all!
Good night! ^_^

Strike Drugs before Strangle You!

Hello everybody! I was looking through my Cupboard today, I found some articles I have written during my school life. One of them was "Strike Drugs before the Strangle You!" . Though not written so well, but still worth sharing, I guess! So here it goes:

In todays world, everywhere one can find addicts. Some are sport addicts, some are party-addicts, some are addicts to movies, etc. and etc. But the most devastating addiction is of Drugs. Addiction start out of curiosity. Once you are curious about something you tend to try it out. Once you start liking it, you may become addicted to it. many addicts are friends generated, i.e., they become addicts because they feel inferior in front of their friends who are already addicts. Some come out of boredom. While others come out of stress, social alienation, unhappiness, etc. Drug addiction has not just one reason but many.Drug Addiction leads to loss of appetite, eye disorders, physical and mental disorders, and in worst cases lead to death. Drug Addicts generally have puffy eyes and are short tempered. Their mood changes suddenly and they start showing tantrums. To get rid of stress and problems (only psychologically!), the take drugs. However they make their own lives a hell and create large holes in their own pockets. Those who are unable gather enough money to buy drugs, find other like stealing, theft, robbery. Some may become decoits even. They start becoming burden, both socially and economically, on a society, or on the country as a whole!.
We must make our own relatives, friends, neighbors aware about the not so good effects of drugs on one's life. I think, the motto of one's life must be - "Strike Drugs Before They Strangle You!"
"If you take drugs periodically
they'll harm you mentally
they make you weak physically, and economically
they devastate your image, socially
So why not leave drugs
before they strangle you?
After all, this your life
no one else can live it,
other than you!"

Scanning the partition - How to do it!

A great facebook friend of mine used to have a big problem with computer speed. After that I realised there would be many who would be having the same problem and won't be having the knowledge of such simple utilities such as Disk Defragmentation and Scandisk. So here is a short tutorial to how to scan a partition or as you say, a drive on your hard disk! Its simple and you can easily understand it through the screenshots. (Disk Defragmentation has been discussed earlier, check older posts for that).
Just open My Computer. Right Click on the drive you want to scan. Click Tools. Then Click "Check Now". Then tick the two boxes. NOTE - Tick both the boxes if your computer is too slow. If you are doing it for maintenance purpose, just tick the box that is above, I mean the one that says - "Automatically fix file system errors". Click Start. A pop-up would appear. Click Yes. and then restart your PC. Once you see that black booting screen with the logo of your Windows, the scan would start. NOTE - You cannot cancel the scan in middle. If you think you cannot give time for the scan right now, you get 10 seconds to cancel it before it starts. But after that, you'll have to set it again as told earlier!.


Scanning the partition!

After making a few Philosophical posts, lets come back to some Computer Maintenance Tips!
So today we are discussing about Scandisk(As for Win98/Me) or you may call it Checkdisk(For WinNt and based). It is a special feature of Windows and a powerful tool to help you get rid of one of the most irritating problem - Slowing down of your PC or you may say, dieing performance! I know sometimes its too astonishing to know that, "What? I get a powerful tool pre-installed in Windows? In Microsoft Windows? Are you sure man?! You must be kidding, right?!" LOL! But its true and I ain't kidding! :p
This feature displays the file system integrity status of hard disks and floppy disk and can fix logical file system errors. yes, it fixes errors on its own! Hurray! :D Since Win98/Me have almost died off, and more than 99% Windows users use WinXP or WinVista or Win7, so let me tell you the advantage of their Checkdisc. Their Checkdisc feature can also check the disk surface for physical errors or bad sectors. Amazing, isn't it? Though in NT based Windows versions Checkdisc was to be run from Windows Shell, but since these new Operating Systems are having user-friendly environments so we can do it from our My Computer very simply! :D

Learning to walk? - Walk Alone

When we took our first lesson of walking, we fell too many times, but still we tried again and again to walk. Why? because we knew somebody would help us out because it was our parents/guardians with us to save us from being hurt. But was it so easy? Were we never hurt? yes we were and many times. Then why do we give up so easily in front of the adversities that life throws our way?! Are we still thinking that somebody would help us walk on the path of life? The answer is no, rather a Big NO! Its not that our friends or loved ones aren't there for us, but if we won't learn to do things without their help, if we won't learn to live alone, we would be missing an important chapter of the book of life!
I myself have got many friends and I too miss them when I need them, but it doesn't mean I stop fighting my path if they are not around. I love my family and friends, but frankly speaking, I am not at all thinking that if I be in a problem, there would be anyone who would come to help me. I don't have any grudges against anyone, its just that I have learned through my experiences in life. I have learned that whenever a challenge comes in front of us, we must try our level best, it not just helps us realize our true potential, but it also enhances our limits. I remember it very well, an English teacher at my school used to say this too much - "For a smart fellow, sky is the limit!" I was around 14 year old, when I heard this line for the first time, and from that day I have added it to list of my favorite quotes that I never forget!
Life offers us so many opportunities to realize what we are, and how to make ourselves self reliant, but alas! many of us let the golden chance go and then we cannot even regret. The reason? We consider them adversities. We are unable to see that they were actually opportunities to connect with our inner-self, those were opportunities camouflaged in the form of adversities.
So have faith in yourself, and learn to be self-reliant, only then you can fight your way to victory!

Addiction and Slavery, Almsot Synonyms!

Hello All!
I guess the title of my post is enough to make you understand what would be there in this post of mine! LOL! Addiction and Slavery are not too different from one another if we think over it. The only difference being, slavery involves a living master though addiction involves a psychological master!
All of us have certain desires and when they are not fulfilled it is quite obvious that we feel bad about it. But sometimes, this feeling gets soo strong that we are unable to curb it and then, we fall into a well of sadness. It is not that difficult to come out of it, but once we lose hope, it is nearly impossible to come out of it, and then we keep on falling as if it was endless! Instead of realizing our own true potential, we tend to fall for other means of momentary Euphoria, which ends up being a slow poison, stealing us from ourselves, and killing us slowly, silently!
The major things one resorts to are drugs, alcohol, and smoking. Three deadly poisons which one can get easily addicted to. In worse situations, people tend to resort to the fourth and more addictive one, which is not only unethical, but also silently seeping away your strength, both mental and physical. The fourth one I am talking about is Sex!
Anger, frustration and depression are the keys that open doors to these catacombs of doom. It is not that we don't have to be angry, but frustration and depression? Why???? Why can't we just control that part? I know its difficult sometimes, but if we keep faith in ourselves and in god then nothing is difficult. I am not trying to preach anything to you all, I am just trying to give a simple lesson that more you stay away from these keys, farther you are from the doom! The world is not ending in December 2011, but if the current ways of leading an idiotic life continue, December 2011 is too far, you never know what might be your last day! I know your temporary Euphoria doesn't allows you to think these things to be bad, but if you want to live a life that is actually a life, that is called the gift of god, that is a beautiful thing, you have to get rid of you addiction, else you should know that you are no better than a slave!

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Yes, the glass is half empty!

Its quite an old saying that, "Never look at the glass as half empty, look it as if its half filled!"

But I say, let the old saying go now! The people these days are not ready to understand such old sayings and take them as Out-Dated. So now is the time to introduce the new one. The quote should now be - "Never look at the glass as half filled, look it as if its half empty!" No this is not pessimistic! All I want to say is that yes, the glass is half empty. If we look at the glass being half empty and make it our prime goal to fill this half empty part of the glass then we are at the right path. If we make it our target that yes, we will fill that empty space, then we will see that the glass wasn't of double the size our capabilities, but it was double the size of our efforts, our mindset, our psyche, our thinking!

All we need to do is make a decision and a promise that we will fill it come what may, and then we shall see the glass was too small in front of our capabilities! If we try we won't lose ever, and if we keep faith in ourselves and hold firm to our decisions and promises, we would certainly emerge victorious! Now you won't call me a pessimist, right?
As I always say, its just the matter how we look at things! ^_^

God Realization is Pretty Simple

I make original posts only, but this time I would like to copy an article from a website, link of which I have shared at the end.

(Excerpts from Satsang of Pujya Sant Shri Asaramji Bapu)

Self-Realization becomes very easy for those who consider God

To be the Supreme Reality and endeavour to attain Him.

'Shri Yoga Vashishtha Maharamayana' propounds that God is not far from us, there is no distinction between Him and us and it is not difficult to realize Him either.

Indeed it is not difficult to realize God and yet it seems difficult, because we do not listen to or contemplate on divine knowledge and hence we fail to develop love for Him. Just as one who is illiterate and has not practised reading and writing thinks that it is difficult, so too one who has not practised spiritual discipline thinks that it is difficult to attain God. However if he practises spiritual contemplation, it is not difficult at all. During the formative years in school, learning the alphabets appeared quite cumbersome, but today you can write them with ease; so is the case with respect to God. Practice alone brings perfection and is the key to success!

'My Beloved dwells in my heart. I can meet Him at will by just delving within.'

'My brother slapped me'' the memory causes pain. Find out who feels the pain. Pain is felt in the mind. Be a witness to your mind and the pain will disappear. Your body is sick and is paining. Be a witness to the aching body and you will laugh at it. Once this (my) body suffered from a malarial fever and an adverse reaction of anti-malarial drugs. A severe pain left me groaning. I would ask my body, 'Hey! What is this nonsense' Why do you groan'' 'and laugh out at its condition. Then I would tell my mind, 'Keep groaning. I am watching you.' 'and it would stop groaning. Those who saw me were extremely pained and would secretly shed tears, 'What a painful state!' But I did not feel that way. The body suffered the pain and I watched it like a detached observer. Once this practice is developed, one can see oneself as a separate entity from the body, even in deep slumber. Like we observe another person, we can observe our own body. Sustained practice increases the subtlety of the intellect and one can develop such witness attitude towards the world.

Similarly, we can become a witness to even pleasures and pains. If one practises being a detached witness, it becomes easy. An actor in a play claims, 'I am king Vikramaditya' I will not allow this to happen in my kingdom'' but in his heart he knows what he is. In the very next scene he dons the garb of a beggar and evokes a sense of profound sympathy among the audience. Only a while ago he was acting the part of an emperor and now he is playing the role of a beggar. But he knows fully well that he is only playing a role. Similarly, he who practises detachment from the body, transcends pleasures and pains.

The deceitful, dishonest and cunning people cannot succeed in this endeavour. The more innocent and honest one becomes, the quicker progress he achieves on this path. Identifying oneself with the body and trying to seek happiness in this illusory world, assuming it to be real, is at the root of all cunning and deceitful acts. Howsoever dishonest one may be, if he starts believing in the truth of his own Divine Self and comes to realize the futility of this world, his deceitfulness and vices will disappear and he will soon attain greatness.

So long as one is ignorant about the glory and greatness of Self-realization, one suffers all types of misery. Treachery, deceit and other vices exist only so long as people do not realize the importance of Self-realization and appreciate that God alone is the Absolute Reality. Once one realizes the importance of satsang and of Self-realisation, gradually one's mind becomes pure; deceit and treachery begin to wither away and all complaints disappear. Then one will admit to have committed mistakes and will be ready to rectify them as well, rather than making excuses for the same. One, not inclined towards Self-realization, tries to give excuses when a mistake is pointed out to him; thus unwittingly he only strengthens his own faults, little realising that he is hurting nothing but his own interests.

Those, who have become used to giving excuses and practising deceit and dishonesty, impede their road to real progress in life. Those trying to cheat others are badly cheated by some greater cheat. A fraud is bound to suffer the consequences of his evil deeds and dishonesty engages one in evil pursuits with their root cause lying in the erroneous notion of taking the body and this world to be real. When the world is taken for real and one remains engrossed in the thoughts of this world, having no love or devotion towards the Supreme Self, it becomes the root of all misery.

Self-realization becomes very easy for those who consider God to be the Supreme Reality and endeavour to attain Him. Self-realization becomes easier still when the aspirant renders sincere and selfless service only for the sake of attaining Divine love, Divine grace and Divine knowledge. Such an aspirant realizes God very soon and is also delivered from all his troubles forever. He experiences Self-love and an everlasting contentment in the unity of his True Self with the Bliss-personified Supreme Self.

Taking down the obstacles?

Obstacle, something which makes the path difficult to walk on. But at the same time being something important which gives us the power both mental and physical to trod them off our paths! The obstacles have been a great metaphor for the difficulties one faces in his or her life. Once we get rid of any obstacle we feel victorious and elated. But how many of us become happy to see an obstacle in our path? Well, I would proudly say, I become happy on seeing them! Why?? Because it gives me a reason to fight. It gives my mind a reason to gather enough courage to face a problem. There are so many ways we can get rid off the problems in our life, but the toughest one is solving them alone, on our own. And you know what? The most difficult method is the most important one. It makes us know of our hidden powers. It makes us realize our true potential. It has so many advantages that they are enough to overpower the ease of the other ways! Many of us do blame god for not being fair with us when we see adversities in our life. It is all because we are unable to see the hidden meaning behind them. The theory of karma fits too good over here, but if we don't talk about it, we can still justify the presence and importance, yes, the importance of obstacles/problems in our lives!
Just as I said before, it is all how we look at things. If you try to welcome the problems and challenge them, then you would certainly get tougher and tougher and easily take down any obstacle in life! Just remember the golden rule of taking down the obstacles is "REMAIN FIRM, REMAIN CALM, BE COURAGES, FACE IT, FIGHT IT, AND NEVER TURN YOUR BACK ON IT!"
Be courageous to face any problem in life and with that courage fight the problem and get rid of it! Just throw it off your life!! Remain firm and calm, so that you don't tend to lose most of your energy burning it in the fire of anger or ego. Anger and ego are two things which ruin this golden rule of ours. Whenever you find a problem which you think you can not solve yourself, then NEVER ASK FOR OTHER'S HELP. Tell the problem that you are not scared of it and you will win over it! I believe in god so I say always believe in him and remember him always, but even if you don't, still you can do one thing for the almighty, Please don't give up and fight till your last breath!
Good Day all!! ^_^

4 reasons why Linux is at par with Windows!

I can post this again, and again and yet again! Linux is simply better than Windows in so many respects! Let me give you some of the reasons why I say so
#1 - Linux is Open-Source Unix like Operating System. Oh what does that mean?! Well, Linux is Open-Source, that means, the source code of Linux can be used and changed by anyone and everyone for non-commercial use and for License Holders(which is quite easy to get for those who need it) for commercial uses. (Source - My knowledge)
#2 - Most of the softwares and utilities are available free of cost, even the Operating system(many Linux based operating Systems) are available free of cost, for ex, Ubuntu. (Source - My knowledge)
#3 - Linux is SUPERFAST! You can get a hint of it from the FACT that Linux runs the 10 fastest supercomputers of the world! (Source - Wikipedia)
#4 - Linux is much more secure than Windows. Now there are more reasons for this one. (Source - Internet and my knowledge combined!)
  • Except for the root, no user gets privileges to edit the system files in Linux. So you see, your psyche won't help you play with system files of Linux the way you did with your Windows!
  • Most of the viruses are executable files, i.e., ".exe" files. Linux doesn't supports ".exe" as such(though plugins might allow, but that is a different case). 
  • Instead of registry, Linux got Configuration files which, as said earlier, are inaccessible to NORMAL USER, and thus your system becomes more secure. You may note a point that Viruses store their information in registry sometimes, so that if you happen to delete them, they can come back from the registry to re-infect your PC. This problem is overcome in Linux.
To know more about this amazing Operating system, LINUX please visit :

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Disk Defragmentaion! - How to do it!

So earlier I posted about Disk Defragment, a really handy tool which can help boost up your PC speed. Now here it is how to do it. Though there are many softwares for it, for example, Tuneup Utilities but they are not free. So, what comes to the rescue here? Hey!! Its you Windows!! :D Cool? oh Unbelievable?! hahaha! I know, I know, but its true, it is a feature included in your windows, though TuneUp Utilities got tonnes of advantages, but we won't discuss them right now, someday later maybe! :)
So, using Windows Defrag is extremely simple and I have illustrated it using screenshots from my own PC! :)
STEP - 1 - Open My Computer. Right Click on any Partition as shown below, and hen click Properties

STEP - 2 - Click on "Tools" Tab

STEP - 3 - Click on "Disk Defragment" Button

STEP - 4 - Click on "Analyze" Button

STEP - 5 - READ CAREFULLY!!! - On cliking analyze button, another pop-up window will open that would say either "You should defragment" else "You should not defragment" If it says you should defragment, YOU MUST DEFRAGMENT! and when it says you need not, then see the report. If the % of fragmented files is more than 5% then you should defragment!


Disk Defragmentaion!

A simple, though long, but a highly efficient way of keeping your PC working fine, I mean in terms of speed(if its not malware!) is Disk Defragmentation! Disk Defragmentation is just as the name suggests the process in which the fragmented parts of the data stored on your Hard Disk Drive would get defragmented or you can say would get combined. Actually the problem is that most of us use Windows, though a great Operating System, but when it comes to storing the files? Well! its a havoc! A disaster!! Highly inefficient!!! What happens is that when we store huge amount of data, or rather when we store a file with a big file size(example, any CD-Image) the Windows store it in parts or fragments. The more older your Windows gets, plus the more time between two Defragmentation processes is, the more far away these parts are stored(understand it this way!). Now when the parts are far away in the Disk, your Operating System has to do more work while executing a singly file, because it has to run all the parts. Now that causes the execution to get a bit slower, and as time passes, it keeps on getting slower, and slower and Slower! So what comes to the rescue?! Of course! Disk Defragmentation! It is a time consuming process, but you don't have to do it time and again...You may say, erm, once every 3 months. The Disk Defragmentation process brings together these fragments and hence help save the execution time for those files when we run them. You may call it one of the most efficient and the best way to get your PC a speed boost!!

Did You know?!

  • Protein Monellin is the sweetest protein(naturally occurring) with a sweetening index of 200,000. It is derived from an African Berry (Dioscoreophyllum cumminsii). Being non-toxic, non-caloric, and natural, it may prove suitable for diabetics.

  • Glucose is also called Grape Sugar, and dextrose.

  • Fructose is commonly called fruit sugar.

  • Galactose is commonly called brain sugar.

  • Carbonic Anhydrase is one of the fastest known enzymes which is found in Red Blood Corpuscles (Erythrocytes), hydrates 36 million (36,000,000) molecules of Carbon dioxide to Carbonic Acid and H+ in just one minute!

A Fact about rabbits

In rabbits(Oryctolagus cunniculus), cellulose is partly digested in the caecum by bacteria that secrete the enzyme cellulase for this purpose. Simplified cellulose escapes with soft, semifluid, light-coloured faeces passed out at night. These faeces are eaten up by the rabbits directly from the anus, and passed through the gut again. Now the simplified cellulose is fully digested and the products of digestion are absorbed. The faeces passed out during day are in the form of dark, firm, pallets and are not eaten. This habit of passing food through the gut twice is called coprophagy or refection.

Facebook is a stupid idiot! LOL! What a song!

Flowers or Cactus - Just the way you think!

Hello all!
A well said quote is:
Friends are like flowers!
Now lets universalize this one from friends to relations...Oh yes, relationships are beautiful just like flowers...But flowers require so much of care, and yes so do the relationships too else they both wilt or one may say die off!
But why?! Why do relationships have to be like flowers? Beautiful but weak, aren't they? According to me, relationships must be like Cactus, tough to survive all kinds of habitats and weathers, and at the same time, protected by the thorns so that no outsider can ruin it. But what of flowers? They won't understand that you are unable to give them water for sometime because you are busy, and what would happen then?! They would die off certainly, and that too in no time...I have no grudges against flowers! LOL! But I have problems when one say that their relationship is strong, their relationship is like flower, or they say, Cactus can't be symbol of love!
I say, its all how we look at things, even a cactus can be beautiful, its all how you perceive things...A cactus tries to strengthen its position by using its roots to penetrate deep into the land but what of a flower? Anybody might ruin it! A cactus on the other hand, remains unaffected most of the time!
I am just saying the things that I feel like, though I know not everyone would agree with me, but try and think once, why only a flower to be gifted and cactus to be seen with hate? They both are living and so both contain life. Moreover a cactus is tougher and survives everything!
Thank you for reading, hope you have a good day!! ^_^

HP Deskjet Ink Advantage All-in-One Printer - K209a

(I Googled for this pic :D)
So, since I am a user of this great Deskjet Printer since about a year now, I guess, I can write a short review which might not be having that much of a technical end, but as a user review, quite helpful in telling why this printer has got a name in the Market!
HP Deskjet Ink Advantage All-in-One Printer - K209a
It has got style! :D
It is a good looking printer. Ah! I know the expression is sometimes, "WHAT?!" But hey! it is a good looking printer, you did see the pic, right?! O_O
Its a super-saver
For a home user(I have a laser printer too, but that's for office use) HP deskjet printers are seriously a great buy! The printer costs quite low and ink prices are also less(Though we can get the cartridges refilled, but even if you buy new ones, you won't find them a bad deal, or a hole-burner for thy pocket! ;) ) Cost per page is quite less, around 72paisa(this is Indian paisa, 1 paisa=0.01 Indian Rupee, you can use Yahoo! Currency Converter if you want to know the equivalent in your local too! :D) So this is what the cost was for a colored print out in BEST QUALITY!!!
A simple tip - Go to printer's settings(if you are a home user and don't want quality print outs, or just have text prints and no photos) and set the print type to Normal or Fast Draft! It increases the speed of printing, number of prints per cartridge and again becomes an efficient one and easier on your pocket!
Thank you for reading! ^_^

"I know all Languages but no Grammar" - Google Translate

A new post by me! Though I don't know how many of you are reading my blog, "HEY! It's JUST DAY 2 OF BLOGGING!" ya! ya! Fine!! :|
So, today it suddenly came to my mind that many of us use Google Translate to know the meanings of sentences written in languages we don't know, or sometimes to translate what we want to say in some other language(mostly when we use facebook to connect with people of multiple ethnicities and don't know a single word of their language! OUCH! ). But certainly none of us(okay, none means less than 95% don't start commenting, I DO! :p) tries to translate the translated line back in the language we understand...And if we dared do that, we would certainly be knowing the fact, that Google doesn't speak up itself, but is a Hidden Truth! -
"I know all Languages but no Grammar" - Google Translate
I can give you simple, rather A VERY SIMPLE example.
Consider, the line, "Are you interested in friendship?" (English)
translates to, "क्या तुम दोस्ती में दिलचस्पी है?" (Hindi by Google)
but the actual translation is, "क्या तुम्हे दोस्ती में दिलचस्पी है?" (Actual Hindi)
and now if we translate the actual Hindi Sentence using Google Translate, just look at the havoc it creates - "What interested you in friendship?" (English by Google)
I don't wish to slam Google Translate, all I want to do is just to let the people know, never think of making an impression on your friends using Google Translate, because in case any of them knows the other language, you are seriously making a bad impression!
Stay safe, and Good Day!!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

First Day at college



Before you read any further, you must have seen that this is a long long note...So beware!

Very well then, if you have decided, go on!

First Day At College - Monday, 13th September, 2010 (Heavy Rainfall!)

So I reached college just 2 minutes late...But saw all the freshers downstairs...So I also decided to remain down at that time...After some 1 hour I came to know that its only my class that was going on (Damn it! - missed the first lecture?) Oh no, I reached 15 minutes before the class was set to I got my attendance marked atleast :D

I tried to talk to 1-2 people, but wow! what the hell, ATTITUDE! huh! SO no friendly people found out there...anyways...The second period - Work Shop...Now who appointed THAT professor?? IRRITATING ...No senior tried to perform ragging, but it was seeming that, THAT Professor was really interested in that duh! Anyways, anyhow got that lecture over with....

Moving ahead, the best class was Computer Class and Physics class, :D I was a STAR! :D

SO somehow the boooooooring day got over...and I got out of the college...Now that's where the day turns even more "amazing"!...Oh I forgot to tell, 20 minutes prior to the time by which college gets over, it started to rain, no, rather, A STORM started...

I walked out of the college...To my surprise, could not find a single thing that could take me home..Now was that I went blind momentarily that I could not find a single bus or something, or it was that momentarily every thing vanquished off the road??..."Very well", I said, to myself...Then I started to walk..Oh you know my home is 8 kilometres(approx. 5 miles) from my college...I thought that I will find a bus or something...Oh you remember, it was raining heavily, thank god I had an umbrella!...So walking and walking and walking...after some 2 km, I thought "NO BUS? huh"..."move on, let the bus go to hell!"....walked and walked and walked...humming songs and making "deadly mixes" like - "I walk a lonely road the only one that I have ever known...I walk this empty, empty, empty, em, em, em, m, m, m, m, yo! Bebot Bebot yeah Bebot Bebot Yeah!" lol, anyways, I could not let myself be bored on my way home!...After some 6 km, I was required to take a right turn "YIPPEE! I FORGOT!!!"...I walked around 1 kilometre in the wrong direction, and then realized that this road does not leads home...and recalled "OH MY GOD! I FORGOT TO TAKE THAT RIGHT TURN....NOOOOO!!!!!!"...SO walked and walked again...Finally I saw a bus, after so long, but I saw the metro station in front of me, and bus was also speeding away, so it wasn't a good idea to catch the bus running...SO i walked to the metro...So till now I walked 8 kilometres (2 km extra coz. i forgot to take right turn! DAMN IT!) then after seeing the station, I thought, now its just 2 more kilometres to lets resume our walking instead of catching the train now...SO i came home walking...10 KILOMETRES (6.22 miles approx.)...It took me 1 Hour 20 minutes to reach home...was feeling too hungry when i left college, and moreover the heavy rainfall made the 10 km as if 100km!!!



1. Puddle...Now don't look at me so strangely, u don't know why is it a landmark - a puddle equivalent to a small river, nearly 50 meters wide and would be 1 meter deep

2. A Dog - The smallest dog I ever saw in my life...would be some 12-13 cm tall (from ground level, where his toes touch)

3. Stinking Open Sewers - GRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!

4. 2 small kids rushing with heavy loads...And I stopped and helped them for a little while...



Mom - "Why are you so late?"

Me - "Well, I didn't find any bus so I came home walking!"

Mom - "WHAT!!!???"

And the scolding resumed....

Then I asked my bro - "What happened...why mom so angry?"

My bro - "How far is your college from home?"

Me - "well, some 8 kilometres"

"OMG!", I said to myself, "SO that's why mom's angry"

I said to mom (Thinking that this could shed some anger off her) - "Mom, I walked 10 km home in 1 hour 20 minutes!"

Mom - "But your college is 8 km, right?"

I - "Actually I took a wrong turn and walked 1 km in wrong direction, so it added 2 km to my journey, 1km in wrong direction, and then 1km back to the point where I was required to turn..."

Mom looking at me even more angrily!, saying to me - "You are telling as if it is an achievement!...Was the whole college walking to their home?"

I - "Hey mom! but I walked 10 km in 1 hr. 20 mins....Not that a bad score and timing that you are so angry"

After that the way mom looked at me, I walked(rather hurried!) away quietly to my room, saying to myself - "Sometimes I should not try to uplift people's mood...Thank God mom didn't slap me!"

And so the Quite Amazing day and quite amazing things got over...Phew!....Thanks for reading :)


Your Favorite Office Software?

Open Office

Being a great fan of Linux and Open Source Softwares, Open Office is one such software that I just love! It is perhaps the best substitute available to the so called and much appreciated and moreover much much widely used - The Microsoft Office! The best part about open Office is that, it can satisfy all your needs from amateurish to pro ones without costing you a single penny!
The only feature where one may find Ms Office fit as a paid software are the Word Art and the Clip Art. Though, we know how easy it is to find relevant pictures or photos from the internet, or you might be amazed to know that - YOU CAN EXTEND FUNCTIONALITY BY USING DOWNLOAD CLIP ART FOR OPEN OFFICE TOO(NOW AVAILABLE!!) or find cool word arts which can be simply copied from the internet, courtesy - BrainyBetty!
Open Office can open any document of any version of any office software! For example, many of us still use the Ms Office 2003, but it cannot open the .docx files! So what's the solution? Buy Ms Office? No way! I won't spend too much for just Word Arts and all. My personal suggestion is Download Open Office Its free, its easy to use and moreover it is light, super-fast and just simply amazing! It would satisfy all your needs of an office software and you'd no longer find yourself attached to the paid Ms Office
For more, please visit The Official Site of Open Office -

Which is your favorite Car Racing Game?

Winamp 5 series - Grove the way your Desktop Looks!

Hi all,

The Winamp 5 series is really cool and amazing. With its cool looks and stylish themes, its perfect to suit a classy-stylish PC...

Moreover you can give you desktop a new touch of animated background with it. Let me tell you, what I mean...

Firstly Download Winamp(Its free!)

Then, click on Options>>Colour Themes;and choose the theme that you you have a cool Theme for winamp..

Now, play a song...Click File>>Play File>>and Browse the song you want to listen.

Now, at a right hand corner, below the minimize, close, etc. buttons, there is written VIDEO/VIS, and below it is a button that looks like an arrowhead pointing downwards..Click it...The button changes to an upright arrowhead, and to its left there is another button - Switch to Video OR it may be Switch to Visualizer...If you are in visualizer mode you will see Switch to video, else you will see switch to visualizer...You have to be in the visualizer mode...Now you will see some animations...There if you will double click, it will turn to full-screen mode...!!!DON'T SWITCH TO FULL-SCREEN MODE!!! If you will look carefully, at the bottom of the visualizer(not the winamp window), there is another button which looks like some lines in left and an arrowhead pointing downwards in the right....Click it...and then click switch to Desktop Mode...and you are done!

The animation will start running on your desktop....and now you have got a free, cool, animated background....

Now you just have to close Winamp to switch back to your earlier background...


Hello World!

A big Hello to all of you from the publisher and owner of this blog - Bhanu Gupta. Though I would like to blog under my pen-name Dя Toxifier. I have closed down all my old blogs and starting afresh with this new blog with all Cool Posts, one may say, The Bhanu Gupta way! haha!! I hope you all enjoy reading my blog and have fun. I also hope that you people make useful comments that would be worthy in helping me make the blog a hit just as my older ones(now closed! :'( ). This blog is of miscellaneous topic. You may say, it will be having posts of every topic! LOL! Posts with my original content, so kindly DON'T COPY! :p

I am a student of Computer Engineering and would love to share technical info which I think is just super-cool to share with everybody! :D

I wish you all a great day and quality time reading my new blog. Good Day! ^_^

~Cheers and Regards~
Bhanu Gupta
[Dя Toxifier]