Sunday, September 25, 2011

Ez Video Studio - Super Sunday!

The third one and the final one, for today, the Super Sunday, another power-packed download for all my dear readers and friends! :)
Here to you all I present, Ez Video Studio

Awpersoft(developers of this software) give the description of this software as follows:
Ez Video Studio is a handy video editor to cut, join or convert videos. It features video converting (2D only), audio extracting, video cutting, joining and 2D to 3D video converting, and 2D to 3D realtime video media player. Supported video formats for CUT and JOIN as ASF, AVI, FLV, M2TS, M4V, MP4, MKV, MOV, MPG, MPEG, WMV, WEBM, and VOB.

CLICK HERE to download for free! :)

MP3 Free Download - Super Sunday

So the next software for this Super Sunday is - MP3 Free Downloader

MP3 Free Downloader is an okay sort of program that allows users to browse and download MP3 for free. Aha! Now the free part is cool! :D It has many (over 100 million, as claimed by the developers) MP3 sources across all genres, sot that you can find the ones according to your choice. Moreover, the User Interface is user friendly, which is fast and convenient to save online files. With MP3 Free Downloader, you can also listen to music without having to download your songs first. But the only problem is that, streaming is sometimes almost at the same pace as downloading! :/ But as said by the software developer, "Listen and then download if you truly love it. It will save your time and hassle in unintended songs."

Now the better part is that even if you have no idea of the song name, its not that difficult to find it. Reason?! Just type into the key words, you have their total search support as in Google.

CLICK HERE to download now!

Broken Shortcut Fixer - Super Sunday!

Hello All! ^_^
So the last day of the week! Phew! Its difficult to maintain the blog like this! LOL! I guess in future, I'll maintain the blog with the post types as said earlier, but if I won't have time I won't update daily!

So today is Sunday, power Packed Sunday!! :D No rules of what to post! haha! So today what should I share with you all?! hmmm...I have to think over it for sometime, I guess!

So so so...What should I share?!

Hmmm..I will be sharing some cool downloads with you all, free and legal! :) I will break them up in different posts for today only. So the first downalod is here, and is in this post:

Broken Shortcut Fixer
We install and uninstall a lot of software, so it's no surprise that our Start menu gets cluttered with broken shortcuts pretty regularly. Thus we were the perfect test subject for Broken Shortcut Fixer, a program that claims to locate broken shortcuts, repair them if possible, and delete them if not.

Though not that awesome, but the software is cool enough to be tried! Well, if not does everything, helps you save some of your time which you otherwise might spend deleting such shortcuts!

to download now.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Color Bricks - Free game Download! - Gaming Saturday

Hello All!! ^_^
Here to you all I present yet another game by GameHitZone, the developers of free, and superb small games! :)

Color Bricks is similar to your Tetris, but you may call it Modern Tetris! haha! The game is cool and fun! The bricks are cool, I mean, the graphics are again SUPERB and OUTSTANDING! :) (Hey! Only as per the size of the game!) A fun game that is good for relaxing in your coffee breaks in office, or when you are too busy for you big games! :)

I recommend it to you all and say, hey friends! give it a try! The game is nice enough to be tried, once atleast! :)

I found it to be another small-time pastime, so thought must share with all the readers of my blog! :)

Good Day! ^_^

Links to download Follow the Screenshots! :)

CLICK HERE to download now(free, full and legal) or MIRROR LINK

Friday, September 23, 2011

WinDirStat - Fromrum Friday

Hello All! ^_^
From one of my most trustworthy, and favourite forums, here I bring to you all, WinDirStat, a free and Open-Source System Management Software.

Directly from the Article of CNET, "At purchase, you probably thought your 250GB hard drive would suffice, but heavy use and months later, you get a "low disk space" alert. Unfortunately, it's much easier to fill up your hard drive than it is to clean it. With so many folders and directories, how do you pinpoint what's taking up space? "

Quite right, isn't it? We thought we have just 60 GB data, so that 250 GB would be more than enough. But when we had that, the things we wanted to keep stored in our PC kept on increasing! Now, out of the tonnes of files loaded on our PCs, it sometimes becomes a bit difficult to find out which ones to delete, now here is when these Software come to our help.

WinDirStat is one such, open source software for Windows.

Though I don't copy posts as you know, but I guess, in these Fromrum Topic, I would have to do it. Because, if I would explain things in my own language, then it could be sometimes taken in a different manner... So would directly copy the instructions of using the software:
  1. Download and install WinDirStat. Go with the recommended installation.
  2. Launch WinDirStat and select the drive you want to evaluate. Click "OK," and give the program 5 to 10 minutes to scan your hard disk.
  3. When the scan is complete, you'll be presented with the summary screen. The top half lists files and folders sorted by file size. If you click on a folder or file, the corresponding color block will be highlighted below.
  4. Alternatively, click the large blocks of color to find out which files are taking the most space.
  5. Once you've identified the culprit, right-click the file and choose "Delete (to Recycle Bin)" for later disposal, or "Delete (no way to undelete)" for permanent, irreversible deletion.
CLICK HERE to download now(Free, Full, Legal) or MIRROR LINK

Read CNET Article Here

Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Mirror - Intellectual Thursday!

Hello All!! ^_^

Just continuing with the regime that was decided! haha! its Thursday, and lets talk about something intellectual/philosophical/interesting and logical!

Today, I would like to talk about a Mirror. A mirror as we know is a glass that is polished from one side so that the other side can be used to see one's reflection. A mirror is quite similar, even when we think of a mirror philosophically!

A mirror reflects one's looks, if we see from the perspective of an outsider. But if we think, we would see that a mirror reflects everything in front of it, unbiased! Hence a mirror seems to teach us a lesson on being unbiased and to support the truth!

A mirror is something which is used by almost everyone. One would definitely find a mirror in the handbag of most women. A mirror seems to be highly associated with women. Every woman would spend a lot of time in front of a mirror, grooming herself. But we cannot say that men aren't to do anything with mirror. As I said, it is used by everyone, even when a man sees a mirror, he would get conscious suddenly, and would style his hair, groom his shirt/collar, etc.

Thus we see a mirror can be seen in both perspectives, actual, and philosophical. A mirror would reflect what is in its front, teaching us to be unbiased. A mirror would not lie thinking that in front of it is its owner, or somebody else. A mirror would help decorate things. A mirror is something that grooms our rooms.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Apocryphal - Word Power Wednesday

Hello all! ^_^

So its Wednesday, and continuing as decided, I got a new word for you all - "Apocryphal"

Dictionary Meaning :

Apocryphal means "something of doubtful authorship or authenticity" or you may say, FICTITIOUS

Sentence Using it (Illustration, example) :

The current scenario of fake licenses seems to be pointing out the fact that authority issuing patents are Apocryphal.

An example from some great Authors/Texts:

"I read among my notes, now, with a new interest, some sentences from an edition of 1621 of the Apocryphal New Testament." - The Innocents Abroad by Mark Twain

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Using Power Button to Turn off PC? - Tech Tuesday!

Hello All! ^_^
I am trying to stick my Organising Rules! LOL! So its Tuesday ,and that means - Tech Tuesday! :D
So what's the topic for today! OMG! I must look above now! LOL!
 Yes! So we were talking about the Power Button on your so called CPU. Yes! But first of all lets clear our one thing, technically speaking, the CPU(or Central Processing Unit, quite a long name, isn't it?! Booring! *yawn*, er, leave it) is the Processor inside that big Cabinet which we people generally end up calling CPU. The processor is CPU?! Yes, it is! You mean that whole big box with sooo many small-small strange looking things are not collectively called CPU?! Well, yes, that's what I mean! In our general day-to-day life, we have been adapted to call it CPU and not Cabinet. I know that doesn't makes any point or sense over here as it seems off topic, but I was just sharpening your GTK! (GTK?! wtf! is that! :O GTK is General Technical Knowledge! haha! Think the Toxifer way! ;) ) But here I won't be calling it Cabinet, I will keep it CPU only. So we were talking about the Power Button on our CPUs. 

The myth says, "Computer can be damaged by its use for shutting it down". And the fact says, "The myth can be true only if you are talking of very old computers which didn't had that Soft Power Button". 

The soft power button that we now-a-days have, aren't just switches, they are electronic items as a whole which got capabilities of 2 functions, one traditional HARD SHUTDOWN or Power OFF, and the second, a proper user-control system. The user-control system means that, it is upto us which shortcut we want to assign to that button on our Computer Systems. You can change those settings in your Control Panel of Windows. (Don't worry, Linux and Mac too have that feature! :P). 

The traditional power buttons had a drawback, which was, they were simple SWITCH! That means, a turn on or a turn off could cause a momentarily-lived, electrical surge that could corrupt some data, or damage your sensitive semiconductors. But the new power buttons rule off that. How?! Well! TECHNOLOGY IS ADVANCED NOW! Come on friends! :P So don't worry that you have pressed that Soft-power button and your computer was shut down would have damaged your data. No! I have tried and tested, and read several articles on Internet before writing this article over here! So chill! Your PC ain't at risk, and that power button has got a huge life-span so you don't have to worry of it getting worn-out! 

Now if we press that soft-button for a few seconds, it renders a hard shutdown, same as what our traditional power off button did! But still electric or current surge ain't anything to worry much(accidents can happen of course, but probability is getting lesser everyday!). 
So you guys can easily use that power button as shortcuts to ShutDown, or standby, or hibernate, whatever feature you want to activate via Control Panel(ShutDown, by default!) and be cool, nothing will happen!
But yes! if you still have that traditional Cabinet, then it might be damaging, in that case, don't do it.

Thanks for reading, good day friends! ^_^

Monday, September 19, 2011

My Immrotal - Evanescence - Musical Monday!

Hello Friends! :)
I have finally decided for sure now, to organise my blog better. The posts count is already reaching 80 soon, so I guess an organisation must take place from now on.
I am reserving days for different kinds of posts, though I might share randomly too.
Musical Monday - I'll share music! :)
Tech Tuesday - Would share things about computers and all
Word Power Wednesday - Would share a new word to build Vocabulary!
Intellectual Thursday - Time to share something Philosophical
Fromrum Friday - Cool things I find in any Forums! :)
Gaming Saturday - A new game for download for you! :)
Random Sunday - Come on! Sunday is a holiday, and so is a holiday from sticking to topics! A random post! :)

So Today, 19th September is a Monday, so lets welcome - Musical Monday! :) with the song, My Immortal by Evanescence! :)

Have a great time and day! :)

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Its an endless well!

I had been wondering where is our world heading to these days? I have always been a keen listener and speaker when we are talking about the current scenario of the world. I mean the scenario in every sense. Be it sports, politics, or general life of a common man. How many hardships one has to suffer for the idiotism of others, and sometimes, how some people act so strangely strange that it doesn't makes sense what they are doing or speaking!

In general life when we notice the things happening around us, we are pissed off of nearly everything, but if we observe and think about what is happening, we would realise the things are quite much different than they seem to be. In all, neither we understand the actions of others, nor to others understand the actions of ours. You may say, its like a chain or some kind of an action-reaction or give-'n'-take pair.

When we see what's happening around us, we tend to accuse most of the things and it all seems like an endless well in which our future is falling. but why are we letting are future to go into stark darkness for the foolishness of others? Some say, we should do something, and they never stand up, others would stand up and turn so aggressive and violent, that their efforts go futile, else others would be highly indifferent to whatever is going on around.

Does it makes sense to fight for everything? No! but neither it makes sense to silently keep seeing what's going on.

Let's talk about the sports. If you people would have noticed the current tour, Cricket I am talking of, that India went to England, one would have surely been amazed to see, a complete white-wash that the great cricket team suffered. They say, they didn't had god bowlers, and the ones they had, were injured. The batsmen too were injured. Okay! if that's the case, one should not be expecting to see 'em in the upcoming T-20 series! but they all will be there! Reason - Money! A lot of money they get to perform good in these leagues, such as the IPL, ICL, and CLT-20. But what goo they fetch by giving a poor performance for their own nation? And what a common man does instead of just accusing them? Can't we really do anything? o_O

Sometimes I wonder all this, and then it seems all to be futile to think....The current scenario of the world seems to full of crap and what we can see around us happening seems to be crap too. And then, all I can do is just keep wondering and the be quiet...Seems this is an endless well, which is full of thoughts and emotions, but who cares! :/ The labyrinth of endless well...

Assault Druid - Free Game Download!

Hello All!! ^_^

Exams are over now and I am back to my blog. Phew! Its enough of the time when there has had been no posts over here, I see! 13 posts in 18 days of September? Sounds quite strange with respect to 29 posts in 5 days of July! LOL! or 33 posts in 31 days of August! Ah well! I get busier everyday! And July were my holidays! I cannot post everyday! huh! >_< Oops! Seems I am getting a bit tooo off topic now! LOL! Alright, now lets get back, so what was the topic(GEESH! I would have to look back up, just a second! :/ )

Here to you all I present yet another game by GameHitZone, the developers of free, and superb small games! :)

Assault Druid is here for you! Graphics like Diablo 2 :P But the game is nice. For all the rampage fans, who are no longer able to play much of the games all because they are getting too busy, Assault Druid is the best game that would satisfy their appetite! Of course, it ain't that great a game, but hey! Cool Enough to be tried! :) The gameplay is good, and the game overall, is ummm..between average and may say, okie-dokie sort of, but worth trying! :D

I recommend it to you all and say, hey friends! give it a try! The game is nice enough to be tried, once atleast! :)

I found it to be another small-time pastime, so thought must share with all the readers of my blog! :)

Good Day! ^_^

Links to download Follow the Screenshots! :)



CLICK HERE to download now(free, full and legal!) or MIRROR LINK

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Password Strength!

Hello All! ^_^

Been busy with exams, and just two more to go before I be back here again! LOL! By the way, I saw, lately, there have been some downloading posts continuously on my blog, I guess, its time to change that regime, else people would start taking my blog as not a place for cool things but just another downloading engine! LOL! So! Today, I thought to take a break from studies, and come back to my blog and make a post! :D

So the topic we gonna discuss today is - Password Strength! Hell yes! That's the thing many of us have trouble with while making our e-mail IDs or registering in some forums and all, when they say - Your password is weak, and then it irritates us sending impulses of fear throughout our nerves telling us - WE GOTTA THINK OF A NEW ONE! ELSE WE ARE AT RISK #GULP!#

So what's next?! Of course I am gonna tell you guys about password strength and some tips to make a strong password. Actually it struck in my mind to share this with you all, when in my recent newsletters I found, CNET's topic on Password Strengths.

So the thing is that, a few apprentice hackers try the algorithms and recursive functions to generate millions and trillions of passwords and check them on some e-mail IDs or similar things, accounts, etc. The more are the characters in your password, more are the number of combinations possible, and hence longer time to find the correct password, and hence lesser probability of being hacked! But a small password can also do fine, if your password is a unique combination of characters like, the special symbols(@#$%^&*()<>?,./;':"[]{}|\~`), alphabets(both capital and small), and numbers too. There are tools that help you generate such passwords, but remembering them is a total havoc for your minds. So what comes out as the call of the hour is that, make your own strong passwords by using all of the above as a combination. You cannot guarantee the security, but yes, more the number of characters, and more the versatility in the types of characters used, more difficult and lesser probability is of the fact that somebody might break through!

Now, thanks to CNET, I have found some tools for you all to check the strengths of your passwords, or generate strong ones, etc. DO CHECK 'EM ALL!(don't worry, they are safe! :) ) :-
  1. Microsoft's Password Checker - Some people would now giggle and say really?! But I pity your bad knowledge, and I'd say - YES! :P Microsoft's Password Checker is a strong, free and easy-to-use INTERNET based tool and is really cool. The only problem is that, it would tell all your passwords below the length of 14 characters to be weak or, in the best cases, the password to be medium(LOL!!!)
    CLICK HERE to check out this tool! :)
  2. LBW-SOFT's Password-Review - This is yet another cool tool, similar to your Microsoft one. So I don''t have to give much details, all you gotta do is go and check it out!
    CLICK HERE to check out this tool! :)
  3. AskTheGeek's Password Meter - Another web based, reliable and handy, free and easy to use, good tool, to check the strength of your password! I would suggest try as many as you people like so that you are damn sure of the strength of your password! ;)
    CLICK HERE to check out this tool! :)
  4. Should I change my password - This is a website that crawls on many sites to see if your account and its information has been compromised and made public(if not made public, you people won't be able to find this handy). Since many hackers make the accounts public, this tool lets you know about it. You just have to enter in your e-mail address, and then wait for the website to check and let you know if that's the case. And in case, that has happened, immediately change your password! And as I said earlier, in case the details ain't made public, this tool won't be of help, but it's not futile to check after-all! :)
    CLICK HERE to check out this one! :)
  5. Password Hasher - yet another cool tool. It is used to generate passwords, rather strong passwords. So in case your memory is awesome and you are not able to generate a password on your own, try it out so that it lets you know a strong password, but be cautious! - As i said, its for those who have a sharp memory! Strong passwords are not easy to remember, always! :)
    CLCIK HERE to check out this tool!
  6. Wolfram password Generator - Similar to password hasher, it also helps you generate strong passwords! :)
    CLICK HERE to check out this tool! :)
If you people may like to refer the CNET Articles too, you may go on for the following links! :) :-
  • CLICK HERE for improving password strength Article from CNET
  • CLICK HERE for Checking Password Strength Article by CNET
  • CLICK HERE for Microsoft's Article about Strong Passwords
I hope this article was helpful to you all, thank you for reading! :)

Monday, September 12, 2011

Super Police Racing - Free Game Download!

Hello All!! ^_^
Thought to share a new game with you all today, oh! in the middle of my exams?! LOL! yes! well, who could study whole day?! :P
So here is the game - Super Police Racing. Developed by GameHitZone
As you all know, I don't share things without using them on my own, so let me make it clear this time too - I am NOT any affiliate to any gaming sites, I am just sharing things I like, and think they are cool enough to be shared with all! I have played the game and it works fine. The graphics are much impressive when we consider the size of the game, the game is just 47.6 MB! The graphics are cool, and the game is small and fun! So this is yet another, small-time, pastime, fun game! Give it a try, it's worth playing, well atleast when you have got little time to relax! Keep your Call of Duty and all for the moments when you got much time on your hands, to relax! LOL! Try it! try it! TRY IT OUT!!

SCREENSHOTS: (Download links after the screenshots!)

And here are your Download links! Enjoy! :D To Download this game(FREE, SAFE AND LEGAL!), CLICK HERE or MIRROR LINK

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Avast Antivirus v6 - Free - 3.5* out of 5*

Hello All! ^_^
Would be busy with exams next week, so won't be posting much on here till that. But before, I thought to share a security software, yes - An Antivirus Software. I know there are many antivirus software available in the market, but we all know, how many of us use ORIGINAL. The problem is not that we don't want to spend a penny on our security, the problem is that the antivirus software sometimes seem to be asking more than their worth! :/ What solution then most of us resort to then? PIRACY! But instead of that why not go on for some free antivirus? For a corporate or business user, I would say, they got to buy an original Antivirus, but what of a general home-user? It would seem to be waste! My personal suggestion for such users is to go for a free antivirus software like Avast or AVG. I will post about AVG soon too :) But for now, Avast!

Avast! is there in the world of free antivirus software since a long time now. In these years, it has done much to be a name known to many people around the world. What makes it so special? Well both features combined with light-weight! It doesn't use up much of our computer resources, and still provide us with a mediocre security against viruses to a everyday, general Home-User(Mind it! I am not talking of any professional, just a general Home-User!)
I am not recommending this Antivirus Software for no reason, I have got strong reasons for that. I won't go much into details for now.

(You may consider this CNET article if you want to go into many details. CLICK HERE for CNET article)

And now What's new(and catchy) in new Avast! 6
Looks - Avast 6's interface is virtually identical to the previous version's. Perhaps the most major change, aside from a slight lightening of the gray in the color scheme, is the removal of the Windows Explorer-style forward and backward buttons.

New Feature - Sandbox(After Comodo Free Antivirus, Avast! becomes the second of the free Antiviruses to offer this feature.) - As the program runs, the sandbox keeps track of file behaviors and what it reads and writes from the Registry. Permanent changes are virtualized, so when the process terminates itself, the system changes it made will evaporate.

Moreover, the User Interface is improved. The security is enhanced since it tracks files better than before, and also the overall stability of the Software has increased!

I would like to give a rating of 3.5 out 5 to this antivirus based on my own experiences.

CLICK HERE to download now - Free, safe, legal! :)

Friday, September 9, 2011

Ubuntu 10.10 - Seems Those Days are Gone! :/

Hello All! ^_^

Many of us by now know what Ubuntu is. It has done much enough to prove its worth as worthy contender and a free alternative in the market of Operating Systems. Being much like Windows in usage, it offers the users to easily switch to it and thus people find it quite a reliable Linux Operating System. Though there are better Linux available, but for a general Desktop User(not a professional), an environment and user interface that is much alike windows is preferable. But this time, Ubuntu seems to be losing its spot at the top of the Linux Distribution heap. The easy-to-use distro has been a a great hit and actually a favourite among the casual users and Linux advocates, alike. Recently though, long-time fans have been deeply divided due to the switch to Unity, a new visual interface that breaks away from several common conventions and in fact trades Linux's trademark flexibility for flashy graphics, which many in-fact find Distracting!
The users who like Ubuntu because they wanted to try something new, and experiment with Linux, are now finding that other Operating Systems like Mint and Fedora are better, all because of the new graphical environment - Unity! And the story doesn't ends here, Ubuntu hints that Ubuntu 11.04 still has the capability to revert back to GNOME(The environment we were using as yet, which was much like Windows), but its next release 11.10, won't be having that option! So you may know, how badly certain fans are hurt(Including me! Even I like GNOME more than Unity, I have used all Ubuntu versions since the Ubuntu 6.xx)

Thank you for reading

Oh by the way, I have got downloading links for the Ubuntu 10.10(one of my favourites and without that Unity environment). So if you may like, you may download it from the following links. It is completely legal and safe and clean download. It is an .iso image file split into RAR archive parts. So you might need an archiving software to extract them, the link for that :
  • If you like WinRAR(Trial version) 32-bit Windows | 64 bit Windows
  • OR
  • If you want a free, full-version(legal, clean and safe download and use) - 7-zip v9.20 - 32 bit Windows(x86) | 64 bit Windows (x64).
  •  Since its an .iso image file(after extraction via 7-zip/WinRAR), you may burn it using a CD-Burner(like Nero, etc.) or if you want to install Ubuntu inside Windows, then you may mount the image too using a software of the kind, Daemon Tools. CLICK HERE to download the free version of Daemon Tools
And the download links for Ubuntu 10.10 follow after the CD-pic!

Thank you! :)