Monday, November 14, 2011

Finger on Trigger by Never Heard of It - Musical Monday!

Hello Friends! Hope you all are doing great! Happy new week! ;) Enjoy the song! :D
I heard this song for the first time in the EA Trax of the game Burnout Paradise - The Ultimate Box. Just loved this song. Hope you all too like it! :)

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Free Falsh Games, Online Play - Gaming Saturday!

Hey Friends! I am really busy with studies for around 2 more months. So got no time to test a new game and post it here. Instead I am posting 2 free, and super-cool flash games you can play online over here. Have fun! Have a Gaming Saturday! ;)

More Games at | Play this game!

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Scared of Ghosts?! And what of the person behind the mirror?! :O - Intellectual Thursday

Alright, I can say it this time too, I don't own this pic, found it from google.

Now, what I wanted to discuss at my desiccator today is that, are you really scared of ghosts? I mean, as a kid, I was really scared of ghosts, and dark, but no longer.

When I was a kid, I couldn't go in other room of my house during night, leave alone watching a horror movie, but now I can watch a horror movie, like Grudge, at 2 am, and go to sleep! - WITHOUT PROBLEM! :D As a kid, if I were scared of ghosts, it is normal, because we are not able to think that rationally and all, so its not that big an issue if I believed in the existence of ghosts (though I still believe, but no longer scared).

But when we are big enough to be indifferent to such things, why are we so casual about their existence? I know many of my friends, who still are very scared and can't watch a horror movie in the daylight, leave the night part! But tell me one thing, if ghosts are so scary, even when we have not seen them, what of the people? Yes, the human beings? Are we any less than those scary monsters which are there in the fairy tails, which could cause a small kid to wet its bed, just to teach 'em a lesson of goodwill?! o_O

Sadly, we aren't any better! :/ There is less than a handful of people who could call them "human beings", a class that regards to those animals who have made themselves worthy to be called better than other animals!

When I look at the newspaper these days, I feel so bad about about my city! Every other page has atleast one news that tells about somebody's murder, or kidnap, or rape! Is this we are really up to?! Our great politicians preach of a country where people have not yet forgotten their moral values, where people are still humans, just tell me one thing, are we really living in such a world they are telling us that we are a part of? Seems like they have considered us to be to too gullible to be able to observe and understand what's going on out here!

The spirit of festivals is lost. They are just holiday, nothing else than that! They are celebrated as fun-day, but not with the respect they must be! We have so many religions across the world. Every religion teaches the same lesson in one way or other, but "WHO CARES?!". In a false pride, we tend to give our religion supremacy over the others, as if the other religions are teaching things that are too different or too wrong! HUH!!

I was asking you all, that are you scared of ghosts? Some would say yes, some would say no. But I again ask, what of the person that is there on the other side of the mirror? What of the people around the world who are acting too foolish that the whole humanity would feel ashamed that they are also humans, alas!

Can we think of a world with all the good things if we continue to waste ourselves like this? I am not trying to agitate anyone, but tell me, are we right? Okay, I am not talking about everyone, some of us are doing good things, but of we talk in a normal manner, are the people around the world really acting "humanly"? Now tell me, who is more scary? A ghost who is never seen outside the stories? or a human being, who is slowly sucking the blood of the whole society, killing it slowly, for its own greed and lust for money and power?