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For you all my readers/visitors, these are the posts which I believe you should consider when you are at my blog. These are some posts that might come in handy and have been found useful by many of my readers. I update this page regularly whenever I post something which I believe should be linked here too.

Computer Security

General Guidelines
Microsoft Windows
Guest Accounts
Windows Firewall
Event Viewer & Netstat
Data Encryption
Data Encryption Tools & True Crypt

Computer Maintenance

What is Disk Defragmentaion?
How to Defragment Disk in Windows XP
Disk Defragment in Windows 7
External Hard Disk Formatting Tips
A few general tips



The Mister Critic
Open Office
Online Shopping Websites India[April '13]

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  1. please tell how to run high spec games on low end pc

    1. Well! The only way is run on low settings. But if you really don't wish to spend a lot, buy a graphic card that would atleast "support" DX11. I suggest buying a nVidia 730 DDR5 1GB which won't cost too much, but would run most games at low to medium settings.
      Else you can overclock the resources at hand, but always remember that's not the best way out, and hence you'd need to spend some money and upgrade the PC


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