Thursday, March 21, 2013

New Topics? :D

Hey all! I know I haven't been active here lately, but seriously I have been super busy. To visit back visitors daily I hardly get time, so updating here is something out of the schedules! Anyways, gotta tell you all that I'm always trying to be here and post here whenever I can, and so I have thought of some new topics, let's see how much I can be actively using them, LOL! :D

The new topics are: "Weirdo", "My Take", and "Wow Logic". Since in the beginning I said I don't want this blog to end up a tech blog and I realised lately that I failed to keep that word, I'm now trying to diversify the topics and this is another reason for not posting regularly. I agree I don't get much time to post, but I can think of no topics other than tech and computers :O So after much pondering over things, I found these few new ones, and let's see if they help, so as my dearest blog reades, WISH ME LUCK! :D

And here are the post logos I made for these posts :D

My Take: This topic is my personal opinion about anything I have read/heard. This would be my personal opinion, so in case it is not liked by someone, please don't take it on yourself and don't feel hurt.

Weirdo: There are always things happening around, things you listen about, things that you see, all that are unbelievably weird, this topic would feature the recent weird thing I came across.\

Wow Logic: Certain reasons given by people for certain things are undigestable. This topic would feature such stupid logics about various things.

I hope you all will find this all interesting and funny :D If you have something to share do let me know. Leave it as a comment and I will love to share that! :D

So what you all think? Any suggestions? How's the idea? and how are these logos? :D :D


Kindly keep the comments clean and make quality comments that would be worthy in making this blog better! :)