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Megaupload - Shut Down, Old News? I was here to share my views! :P

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Guess I am here almost after more than a month! Wow! Sorry for not being able to post much in sometime, but well, I was busy. Thanks to my university that keeps the students soo busy with exams every now and then. Uh! Anyways, there was something on my mind I wanted to speak, what's a better place than my own blog?! - A website, that in itself was a synonym for File Sharing on the brighter side, but sadly, Piracy on the darker one! :/

The news was a big one, for everyone who used the Internet. From people who used it for fun, to those who used it for work, from those who used it legitimately, to those who used it illegitimately!, shut down on 19th January 2012 was one of the biggest shutdown on the internet in a decade!

Megaupload used to be one of the most popularly used file sharing service apart from Rapidshare, and DropBox. The articles on the internet suggest, HK$330 million-worth assets were frozen by the Customs and Excise Department of Hong Kong!! The shutdown led to denial-of-service attacks on a range of websites belonging to the U.S. government and copyright organisations. The case has not yet been heard at trial.

You guys can check the statistics of the website on the Wikipedia link that follows the article. It says the site had nearly 180,000,000 registered users! Wow! That's too much! O_O I remember my friend who used to be one of the registered users. He was so shocked at losing his lifetime Premium membership of the site because of the lockdown of the site by The FBI.

Personally, I am neither against the action of the FBI, nor against megaupload. Megaupload was a superb website. More of a resource house for many. But alas! the illegal uses called for this. Personally, I did feel bad that the site went down. It used to be quite easy to share assignments and notes through that file-sharing website. Although in my peer group, sites like fileserve, rapidshare and mediafire too were very popular, but megaupload was one of the favorites! haha! It used to be quite easy with such sites around, but articles on the internet that say, "After Megaupload, who's next?!" are kinda scary. If filesharing websites have so much of illegitimate content, then what about so many other services that are catering to needs of people, but are illegally used by people? Even the e-mail services being used by terrorists to threaten people, does that mean closing down of Gmail, or Yahoo! or Hotmail? o.O

I agree! this illegal criminal biz. is not growing without cooperation of the big names, but still, the illegal use of so many things could not call for the closing down of the internet altogether! I am awaiting the trial to be heard for megaupload. I understand the wrong things going under the name should be taken care of, but they should see other facts too.

Many other file sharing websites such as Fileserve have already cleared the illegal content on their website following the shut down of the Megaupload. I wonder how much illegal content is there on the internet, but hey! we all know it quite well, that all this piracy is not bubbling on its own or on the shoulders of criminals alone. The big companies too have their secrets behind it. I can remember the movie Mission Impossible 2, that clearly indicates one such fact. The creation of Chimera virus and the antidote Bellerophon by the same company. Then release of the virus, so that people are forced to buy the vaccine. Don't you think the big names too could be doing that? First promoting piracy secretly, and then catching you with an illegal software, so that they can fine you and also force you to buy their product later!

Anyways, I have found some nicely written articles on the internet about the issue of Megaupload being closed down. One such article was suggesting some websites one may consider since Megaupload is down now! You may consider reading them. Besides, I will try to be on my blog like earlier and post new and good articles to share with you my readers. Somehow, would try to take out time for my blog and of course for you all! Thank you for reading, have a great day! :)

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