Sunday, May 25, 2014

Even More Crafty DIY Tutorials for you! - Sunday Funday Tutorials

Hey all my dear readers! :D I hope you all are doing just great! :)

I have more craft tutorials for you all to enjoy and pass your time! :D

You can check Pidilite India's Youtube Page on FeviArt who have posted these tutorials to promote their products. But we are more interested in the fun-to-make things they teach to make, right?! :D

Decorative Terracotta Pencil Holder

Decorative Terracotta Centre Table Candle Stand

Decorative Terracotta Bird Feeder

Decorative Terracotta Hanging Butterfly Tealight

Wooden Photo Frame Embellishment

Leather Tissue Paper Box

Leather Box Embellishment

Leather Wallet and Belt Painting

Leather Sling Bag Embellishment

Leather Passport Pouch Decoration

They have a few more videos which I'll share next week. You guys enjoy these until then, or visit their youtube channel with the link I provided at the top of the post. Good Day!

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