Tuesday, December 16, 2014

A quick update from my side

Hey all my dear readers! :D I hope you all are doing great! ^_^

This has been a long dormant ride for me right? No Internet and a lot of work. But I guess I am taking a sneakpeek from my sleep, I said, I guess..

So work has started for me, after that long, and strict training by the company that employed me. Strict? Yes, very! Why? Well, no brace yourselves, and get ready to read a heart breaking story from the geeky kiddo out here!

So, I will go ahead with the don'ts. I guess, that'd give you a better idea, a clearer idea of the strictness.

The Cons of the strictness
No Internet! I repeat No Internet O_O :(
No Laptop
No Personal Computer
Only cellphone, and extremely poor network coverage
Rules, rules, rules!!
School boy treatment?! Damn!
Meagre Salary
Time boundations
Long un-neccessary working hours
Strange people
Irritating Environment
No Time
Enough already? What else you want to read, death?! -_-

Okay, you might consider this as a rant, but well, just try and think this all for regular 5 months, without a holiday, and 2500 km away from home. Now say!

Well, anyways, now things are little settling down. With me settling in the job, starting to get real work, and getting access to Internet and my laptop, atleast once I am not inside the company premises.

But life will keep on going, right? With all goods and bads. The point is, why this post is here? Was this supposed to be a rant over past? Well no, I have other things to say too.

I have got an Internet connection, and if I keep getting time, I will keep up with the updates for my blog. But if I dont, it would become a weekend blog, rather a daily one as it used to be until June end.

So what am I planing to post this month, I mean the rest of the month, if I get time to? Music, of course. And some good tutorials from the Internet. Games, yes! :D and some great articles from web in regular fromrum fridays. And what else? What aobut my tech tuesdays? well, they will have to wait. I used to take a lot of time writing them, so I will have to get a perfect balance before I start with them again.

So, enough of the past-future talks, eh? No psychic stuff. But better than psychocto! :P

On the spiritual side, I am a little hit. Not getting time to do my daily prayers, so feeling a little disconnected with myself. Rest, I am trying to adjust with the adversities life is throwing at my way in the name of this new city, and all. No friends, No good food, and less salary, phew! what are the good things man?!

Of course there are some good things too, but for the time being, I am unable to see the brighter side of the coin. But well, as the time will pass, we will be able to turn the coin and unleash the bright sunlight of happiness again! :D

On a positive note, hope to see you all soon again!

Good Night people! :)

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