Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Best Apps of 2014 - iTunes/iOS

Hey everyone! Welcome to my blog on this Tech Tuesday!

So I was browsing through the Apple App Store, and I came across their list of best apps of 2014. So I have hand-picked some actually cool apps, which I think you guys should own too! :)


I totally love this one app! It comes in quite handy for me. I would write something I wish to remember, sometimes even poems, and then export/upload/mail them. The look and feel of the app is pretty nice, and the handwriting tool is really cool. I would suggest to use this over the regular Notes app of the iOS.


This one app is a must have if you spend ample time traveling/commuting. I'd say, join a course of some language, and use duolingo to learn that language while you are commuting. That way not only will you be able to pass your time, but do that effectively enough to call it constructive!


Now if you have a iPad, and have not installed iBooks, I don't understand one thing, WHY?!! O_O It is such a great app to read eBooks. It supports both epub. Reading is fun, right? But once you get started with iBooks, you’ll see it’s so much more. Turn pages with a flick on your iOS device. Read one page at a time, or turn your iPad on its side and view two pages at once. Read everything full screen, with no distractions, or read in white-on-black night-time mode. Alter the look of most books by changing their text size and font. If you’re reading in low light on your iPad or iPhone, iBooks for iOS automatically switches to white-on-black text on your screen. When the light improves, iBooks automatically switches back. Books get updated for any number of reasons. Thankfully, the iBooks app supports book updates. That means if a book you downloaded is republished with new or additional content, iBooks lets you know. You can download the updated version free, and it automatically replaces the older copy in your library.

I would say, if not as yet, go on and download it right away!! :)


What are you doing with an iPad without skype? o.O Must have on your list! Now I am not telling you about this app, puhleease!!!!

Infinity Blade 2

This is the game!! Just superb. So great, stunning graphics and superb gameplay. I totally love this game, and would recommend that you get your hands on it as soon as you can. This is a great Role Play Game which you will totally enjoy.

In Infinity Blade II, as with its predecessor, the player explores the world through an "on-rails" mechanic; that is, the player's path through the environment is largely predetermined and choices of direction are limited. Despite this, the player may choose to explore different paths through the castle that serves as the central environment of the game, leading to various ends such as Thane's tower, the chamber containing the MX-Goliath, and the cavern of the Stone Demon. Progression through the castle is halted every time the character enters a new room or encounters a new foe, giving the player a chance to search for loot (bags of gold are hidden throughout many scenes), equip or buy/sell weapons, gather information on upcoming enemies, and choose the next point in the path. The player has a certain amount of freedom in moving the camera around while the character is at rest. While the character is in motion, camera movement is much more limited, as the scene becomes cinematic in nature.

The primary game mechanic is one-on-one sword combat with enemies encountered throughout the scripted path. The player controls the character's weapon or weapons by swiping a finger across the screen. While in combat, players can touch the bottom left or bottom right side of the screen to dodge attacks or the bottom center of the screen to block attacks with a shield, which breaks if used too much. Players can also parry blows by matching the timing of their blows with their foes' and swiping in a parallel direction. New to Infinity Blade II is the ability to fight with dual wield and heavy weapons, separate classes from the "light" weapons that were the only type available in the first game. When fighting with dual weapons, blocking is unavailable, replaced by a downwards dodge action. By contrast, when fighting with heavy weapons, dodging is unavailable, and the player instead must counterattack by blocking in the correct direction. Successfully dodging, blocking, or parrying enough times in a row stuns the enemy, leaving them vulnerable to counterattack for a short period.

Players may also use two special abilities, both of which require time to recharge after use. Tapping the icon on the top left unleashes the Super Attack, which stuns the opponent temporarily. Super Attacks are recharged by giving and receiving damage. Magic is activated by tapping the icon on the top right, and then drawing a magical symbol corresponding to a certain spell. The proper symbols appear onscreen after the magic button is tapped. Available spells are determined by the magic rings a player has equipped. Magic recharges over time. As a player's magic stat increases, the amount of time it takes their magic gauge to refill decreases.

The Wolf Among Us

The Wolf Among Us is an episodic graphic adventure video game based on Bill Willingham's Fables comic book series. The Wolf Among Us is a point-and-click adventure game, where the player, in control of the protagonist Bigby Wolf, can move about the environment and examine and interact with other characters or objects. It is similar to Telltale's previous game, The Walking Dead, in that the player may make choices in their actions or through conversation trees that will influence future events in the story, including events in future episodes. These include major decisions, such as deciding which of two culprits to chase after while allowing the other to go free. Like The Walking Dead, these choices are recorded by Telltale, and general statistics on the major choices are presented to the player after completing each episode to allow them to compare their take on the story to others. Telltale has worked to make some of these choices affect parallel events within the narrative, such as choosing which of two people to help first, and later learning from the second one that their help could have been used before.

In addition to all these, you can check Apple's list of top free apps here:

I hope you found my post helpful. Have a great evening!! :)

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