Saturday, May 12, 2012

3 Free Games - Crimsonland, War Operations and One Way Ticket 2 - Gaming Saturday

Hello all! :D How are my readers doing?! :) Good evening to all of you! :D

Been late in posting for Saturday? Oh come on! It's just 8:19 PM yet! :P These days I have been really busy. Still I tried to post, so my effort must be rather appreciated! :P :P
What's new? Well, nothing! Exams are eating my head up. The final theory stat on 21st, and I have got loads to study! Anyways, let's take a break and do blogging, erm, healthy break?! ;) Haha! :D

So this Gaming Saturday, like most of the times, I will be sharing some good and small-time-fun-time games. If you are a regular reader, of course you would find the former phrase to be a almost a cliche by me! LOL! Anyways, let's get back to topic. So let's open the bag and see what I have for you all! :D (Am I talking like Santa Claus?! LOL! IDK! :P)

Crimsonland - Monsters game

Thousands of aliens, giant spiders, mutant lizards, and more are on the attack in this monsters game - can you survive the onslaught? This monsters game is a great challenge! You will consistently unlock new and better perks that improve your ability to use a devastating arsenal. Crimsonland features 3 modes of play, and endless hours of pressure packed fun. Download monsters game totally for free right now!

Sounds like Duke Nukem, oh I mean, "Duke Nukem - Lost his Babes" or "Duke Nukem sans Babes" LOL! The game overall is time pass. Repetitive like Duke Nukem? You can say that, but hey! it's a free game and I have already classified it as a small-time-fun-time game! So, the game is nice, the gameplay is fun. But of course it cannot beat those Hitman or Grand Theft Autos!!

But graphics are cooooooool! :D

Talking about the features:
  • 5 episodes(Hmm, small game!)
  • 50 levels(Okay! not that small! LOL!)
  • Three thrilling game modes(Really?! :P)
  • Hardcore Quests(Sounds like Duke Nukem! ;) LOL! LOL!)
  • Over 40 game altering Perks(:O)
  • 20 unique weapons(Sounds interesting, but not as interesting as Hitman with his Silver Ballers! :D)
  • Thousands of monsters(Duke Nukem again?! Or maybe Monster Island?! Hahahaha! Damn it! Those monsters are stupid ANTS! :P)
  • 5 epic bosses(Boss! Sounds like Contra, Batman, Spiderman, etc etc etc!!)
  • Parental lock with No Blood mode(Parental Lock?! OMG! Then I guess Duke Nukem would have been needing a Grand-Parental Lock!! Hahahaha!!)
  • Monsters game - Absolutely FREE(Free!! O_O Ah! The glitter in our eyes on seeing something original for free! :D)


Click Here to Download now! ( Free, Fun and Legal! :P )

War Operations

Go on secret missions. In this military game you are to destroy military installations in various countries, tanks and helicopters and rescue hostages in this fast paced 3D game which requires all of your skills and wit to complete! Intelligent enemies guard the bases and will react to even the smallest sound. Be careful and try to get out alive in this epic military game of War and Destruction! Download military game totally for free right now!

So that was what publisher said. Now time for what your narrator at this blog would tell you. Who?! ME DAMN IT! >_< :P The graphics are cool. For a small game, the gameplay is quite cool and the game is overall fun to play. I would say give it try and play the game. You'll enjoy it for sure! :D Features:
    Action gameplay styles - Yep! Nice game. Awesome Gameplay for a small game! :)

  • Soldiers with different skills - Interesting feature, does it works well, download and find out! LOL! Somethings must be secret! ;)

  • Various missions - :D :D :D :D :D I'm quiet! :P

  • Different countries - YEPPPPPP!! :D

  • Intelligent enemies - Not more than you! So Chillax! :D

  • Military game - Absolutely FREE - Of course the reason why our eyes are shining wide! :D


Click Here to Download now! ( Free, Fun and Legal! :P )

One Way Ticket 2

The story of this zombie attack game tell a story about how many years ago horrific zombies rose from their graves and attacked a peaceful town. Then a brave man who managed to stop the invasion came along. But now they’re back. In this zombie attack game you are to use your trusty AK-47 to fight back against the zombies! You and you alone must hold the territory and shoot the undead. At your disposal there will be a lot of weapons, including pistols and submachine guns. Light a torch and you will see the zombies are everywhere! Download zombie attack game totally for free right now!

Now that's what the Publishers say, time for what I say! :D The game is cool. And hey! it's not scary at all. The Zombies are really very funny! :D But the game is time pass to play. But I would say, it can never beat House of Dead, but for the weak-hearted people, this game is better! :P The game is fun and the graphics are cool. The screenshots would suggest you the rest. Do play this game For sure download and play! :) It's fun! :D


  • A lot of weapons - CooooL! :D
  • Different enemies - hahahahaha! yes different, and YES FUNNY! :D
  • Fast-paced gameplay - yep yep yep! :D
  • Zombie attack game - Absolutely FREE - Of course! :D


Click Here to Download now! ( Free, Fun and Legal! :P )


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  2. One way ticket 2 is fun

  3. Duke Nukem sans Babes? Hahahahahahaha. Nice phrase Toxifier

    1. Hey Louise! :D Hahahaha! I couldn't find a better synonym for Crimsonland! LOL! It is too similar with creatures as yucky as that in Duke Nukem. So I could relate it to be a Duke Nukem without his babes! LOL!


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