Saturday, May 5, 2012

3 small fun games - Gaming Saturday

Hey all! :) I hope all my readers are doing great! :D So I skipped posting yesterday? Yes, I did! But due to the final exams going on, I really don't have much time to spend nor I can divert my attention to posting things. But then, I was so bored I thought there was nothing better than posting something on my blog! :)

So, after thinking somewhat, I thought to post some small games out here, just like most of the Gaming Saturdays! :) Let's see what have we got over here for that then, er, ready?!

Bug on a Wire

"Can you guide your bug safely home and avoid getting eaten?" That's what Miniclip said about this game of theirs, to which I have just a small question, Can we actually guide him home?! :O I have played this game for long enough but never found his home! Just play and play and play and keep playing sort of a game it is! :P If you'd see it's leader-boards to see how long did people let their bug survive, the time goes up to 9 hours! Phew!! Although I don't say it is worth playing for 9 hours in one go! duh! >_< But hey!! It's still worth playing when you have got nothing better to do to pass time. Hahahaha! :D Just kidding! The game is not that crap too. It's a small time pass sort of a game and can be played at times. Small, stress-buster sort of games these are IF you don't overindulge in them! ;) :D

Click Here to download Bug on a Wire now! :)

Rural Racer

"Finish 8 laps in first place to progress to the next level." - That's what Miniclip gotta say! And perhaps the only thing I dislike about the game! >_< 8 laps is too much at times! :/ But hey! The game's quite fun to play, really. I mean atleast I like this game. The graphics are not that much of an eye-candy but still they are cool enough to be fun (WHAT DO YOU EXPECT FROM TOO SMALL FLASH GAMES?! >_<). Anyways, I would really recommend playing this game to all, and really is worth playing. The game is very small and you can download it quickly and have fun! So what's there in trying atleast? Maybe after playing you people too have the same thoughts as me?! haha! :D :D

Click Here to download Rural Racer now! :)

Cable Capers 2

"Can you help Arnold the Cable Fitter escape the underground maze that he has fallen into?" - that's what Miniclip put's forward as an interrogative description of the game! LOL! Arnold has fallen into an underground maze! wow! Funny things they say to make he games appear to be made for kids only! :P Though this game is a nice time pass. Though in my post I guess Rural Racer is the best, but Cable Capers is worth playing too! Graphics comparable to those of DOS are not appealing at all, although the dragons roaming around in the maze are quite too funny! hahaha! :D You may get my point from the screenshots below. But well! The game is time pass to play. I would say give this one a try too, although Rural Racer is the best one among the three in today;s post! Good Day! :D

Click Here to download Cable Capers 2 now! :)

Thanks a lot everyone for spending time reading my post. I hope you people like the games I posted. As a kid I liked them, though as a grown up I like only the Rural Racer of these three. I just recalled those good old days and these games came to my mind so thought to share with you all. All the download links are completely legal and free to download, so don't worry! I'm not trying to promote piracy! :P :P I hope SOPA or CISPA or whatever ongoing crap doesn't has problems with my blog! hahaha! :D
Oh! time to go! :) Have a great day and thanks for reading. Comments and Suggestions are welcomed always! ^_^

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