Thursday, July 28, 2011

Taking down the obstacles?

Obstacle, something which makes the path difficult to walk on. But at the same time being something important which gives us the power both mental and physical to trod them off our paths! The obstacles have been a great metaphor for the difficulties one faces in his or her life. Once we get rid of any obstacle we feel victorious and elated. But how many of us become happy to see an obstacle in our path? Well, I would proudly say, I become happy on seeing them! Why?? Because it gives me a reason to fight. It gives my mind a reason to gather enough courage to face a problem. There are so many ways we can get rid off the problems in our life, but the toughest one is solving them alone, on our own. And you know what? The most difficult method is the most important one. It makes us know of our hidden powers. It makes us realize our true potential. It has so many advantages that they are enough to overpower the ease of the other ways! Many of us do blame god for not being fair with us when we see adversities in our life. It is all because we are unable to see the hidden meaning behind them. The theory of karma fits too good over here, but if we don't talk about it, we can still justify the presence and importance, yes, the importance of obstacles/problems in our lives!
Just as I said before, it is all how we look at things. If you try to welcome the problems and challenge them, then you would certainly get tougher and tougher and easily take down any obstacle in life! Just remember the golden rule of taking down the obstacles is "REMAIN FIRM, REMAIN CALM, BE COURAGES, FACE IT, FIGHT IT, AND NEVER TURN YOUR BACK ON IT!"
Be courageous to face any problem in life and with that courage fight the problem and get rid of it! Just throw it off your life!! Remain firm and calm, so that you don't tend to lose most of your energy burning it in the fire of anger or ego. Anger and ego are two things which ruin this golden rule of ours. Whenever you find a problem which you think you can not solve yourself, then NEVER ASK FOR OTHER'S HELP. Tell the problem that you are not scared of it and you will win over it! I believe in god so I say always believe in him and remember him always, but even if you don't, still you can do one thing for the almighty, Please don't give up and fight till your last breath!
Good Day all!! ^_^

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