Friday, October 5, 2012

Do it Yourself USB Drives - Fromrum Friday

Hey all my dear readers! :D Welcoming you all at my Blog on this Fromrum Friday, I know I am late, but well, it was a busy day!

A few days ago I received an awesome CNET article I would like to share with you all. It is an amazing one and tells you how to customize the look of your USB Drives so that you can make them look trendy! :D

This article was compiled by Sharon Vaknin of CNET. She writes amazing articles and perhaps one of my favourite CNET writers! :D So, let's see what she says on CNET:

"Whether you use them in your everyday work flow, or dust them off on occasion, flash drives are perhaps one of the handiest, most underrated gadgets out there. Despite the cloud storage trend, many of us still rely on these doodads when we need to transfer data in a pinch.

And thanks to the InterWebs, there's a seemingly endless variety of unique flash drives to match your equally special personality.

But, what's better than forking over $20 to $30 on a low-capacity, overpriced flash drive? Making your own on the cheap. After sifting through the Web for DIYs, here are seven of the most doable (and unusual) homemade thumbdrives out there. "

The article was so interesting and catchy that I couldn't stop reading it in full. It had numerous links to the sources where CNET would have found these amazing tricks. I will provide links to those sites as well :) But I'll share only those DIYs which I found the best! :D

An old Floppy into a Trendy Pen-Drive?

Broken USB Wire or an amazing USB-Drive?

Well this one is my favourite. It looks the best and is no doubt the one which would leave your friends wondering "How is that broken wire working?!" Check how to do this one HERE

A double headed USB Drive? LOL!

Check this one HERE.

My USB Drive is a Lego Block?

You can find the Instructions for this one HERE

I hope you all too find this article as interesting as I found it to be and as amazing as I thought! :D :D Looking forward for all comments and suggestions. Any requests you wish to make feel free to post it as a comment or in the CBOX. All appreciated!

Good Evening! :) I hope you had a great Friday and have an amazing Weekend ahead! :)


  1. Will surely catch the wire one

  2. Custom USBs are always attractive and worth carrying as they carry our data in a stylish way. Amazing innovative designing has definitely given a good effect to USB drives.

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    1. Certainly! and that's why I shared this article so that people can get a hand on them inexpensively! ;)

  3. It’s true that many companies nowadays are designing flash drives that are different from the traditional block look. Some even customize flash drives into fashion accessories. That can certainly make the device easier to carry. Anyway, I would like to try and create the Lego block flash drive.

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