Wednesday, July 27, 2011

"I know all Languages but no Grammar" - Google Translate

A new post by me! Though I don't know how many of you are reading my blog, "HEY! It's JUST DAY 2 OF BLOGGING!" ya! ya! Fine!! :|
So, today it suddenly came to my mind that many of us use Google Translate to know the meanings of sentences written in languages we don't know, or sometimes to translate what we want to say in some other language(mostly when we use facebook to connect with people of multiple ethnicities and don't know a single word of their language! OUCH! ). But certainly none of us(okay, none means less than 95% don't start commenting, I DO! :p) tries to translate the translated line back in the language we understand...And if we dared do that, we would certainly be knowing the fact, that Google doesn't speak up itself, but is a Hidden Truth! -
"I know all Languages but no Grammar" - Google Translate
I can give you simple, rather A VERY SIMPLE example.
Consider, the line, "Are you interested in friendship?" (English)
translates to, "क्या तुम दोस्ती में दिलचस्पी है?" (Hindi by Google)
but the actual translation is, "क्या तुम्हे दोस्ती में दिलचस्पी है?" (Actual Hindi)
and now if we translate the actual Hindi Sentence using Google Translate, just look at the havoc it creates - "What interested you in friendship?" (English by Google)
I don't wish to slam Google Translate, all I want to do is just to let the people know, never think of making an impression on your friends using Google Translate, because in case any of them knows the other language, you are seriously making a bad impression!
Stay safe, and Good Day!!


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