Wednesday, July 27, 2011

HP Deskjet Ink Advantage All-in-One Printer - K209a

(I Googled for this pic :D)
So, since I am a user of this great Deskjet Printer since about a year now, I guess, I can write a short review which might not be having that much of a technical end, but as a user review, quite helpful in telling why this printer has got a name in the Market!
HP Deskjet Ink Advantage All-in-One Printer - K209a
It has got style! :D
It is a good looking printer. Ah! I know the expression is sometimes, "WHAT?!" But hey! it is a good looking printer, you did see the pic, right?! O_O
Its a super-saver
For a home user(I have a laser printer too, but that's for office use) HP deskjet printers are seriously a great buy! The printer costs quite low and ink prices are also less(Though we can get the cartridges refilled, but even if you buy new ones, you won't find them a bad deal, or a hole-burner for thy pocket! ;) ) Cost per page is quite less, around 72paisa(this is Indian paisa, 1 paisa=0.01 Indian Rupee, you can use Yahoo! Currency Converter if you want to know the equivalent in your local too! :D) So this is what the cost was for a colored print out in BEST QUALITY!!!
A simple tip - Go to printer's settings(if you are a home user and don't want quality print outs, or just have text prints and no photos) and set the print type to Normal or Fast Draft! It increases the speed of printing, number of prints per cartridge and again becomes an efficient one and easier on your pocket!
Thank you for reading! ^_^


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