Thursday, April 5, 2012

Social Networking - Shortcuts Part 2

Hey all! :) How are my readers doing today?! I hope everyone is great! :)

So I had nothing much in my head that could be called intellectual, but had something more to share with you people. So I thought to share it today only, even when I know it was ought to be an intellectual Thursday! But well! You all must remember that when I set those keys, I told you all that it is not necessary that I be sticking to the keys. Anyways, let's not get off topivc, and be back to the topic(LOL! What sort of sentence was that! hahaha!)

So last time I told you guys that I had got some nice keyboard shortcuts collection being published in a tech-magazine's issue of the last month. Anyways, I had shared with you guys Window's Shortcuts and also shared the Microsoft's official article in support to show that everything was true in there! :P

Today I got for you guys, continuing that post, (I thought to call this "Shortcuts, Part 2" but didn't do so to keep it easy for you all to find which one's you need), let me share with you guys keyboard shortcuts for some of the well-known social networking websites.

Facebook keyboard shortcuts

Before using Facebook keyboard shortcuts, determine the modifier keys for your computer, which is based on what browser and operating system you are using.
Chrome on WindowsFirefox on WindowsWindows Internet ExplorerOSX & FirefoxOSX & Other
AltAlt + ShiftAltFunction + CtrlOption + Ctrl
Once you have determined the modifier for your operating system and browser use the above key combination with any of the below 10 keys to perform the desired shortcut. For example, if you were using Firefox in Windows and wanted to go to the Facebook Home you could press Alt + Shift + 1.

If you are using Internet Explorer, after pressing Alt + # let go of both keys and press Enter for the shortcut to work. For example, press Alt + 1 (let go) and then press Enter to open the Facebook home page.

MOpen a new message
?Go to the Facebook Search
1Home (News Feed)
2Your profile page
3Friend requests
6Your Account Settings
7Your Privacy Settings
8Go to the Facebook page
9View Facebook Statements and Rights agreement
0Open Facebook help center

Google+ Keyboard Shortcuts

JScroll down to next Google+ stream update
KScroll up to previous Google+ stream update
QQPressing Q twice moves your cursor the search box in the “chat” section of Google+
SpaceScroll down stream by regular intervals
Space + ShiftScroll up stream by regular intervals
EnterWhen a stream update is selected Enter moves your cursor to the comment box
Enter + TabSubmit comment
@@ followed by a username is used to mention someone in a post or share the post with them
*Use the * symbol to denote the beginning and end of bold text
_Use the _ symbol to denote the beginning and end of italics text
-Use the – symbol to denote the beginning and end of strikethrough text

Twitter keyboard Shortcuts

MDirect message
NNew Tweet
EnterOpen Tweet details
LClose all open Tweets
JNext Tweet
KPrevious Tweet
SpacePage down
.Load new Tweets
G+UGo to user...

I hope you guys find these shortcuts helpful. Thanks for reading! :) Bookmark us to stay updated! :)


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