Friday, July 26, 2013

My blog turns 2 year old today! :D

You know what?! It's 26th of July! :D What's Special? O_O No!!! You should not ask! Blog de Toxifier, my personal blog where I have spent hours with you all was started on 26th July 2011. It turns 2 year old today! :D

It is celebration time, right?! haha! Just kidding. But well it has been really cool to maintain this blog with so much enthusiasm for two long years. Pray for my blog that I keep it updated always and all of you can enjoy my posts always! :D

I have updated the icon of my blog with this image. It was a free image and goes with the name Toxifier, right?! haha! :)

I hope to keep updating this blog always and keep you all informed, up-to-date, and entertained with my fun-filled blog posts! Thanks all for your support and visits. Have a great day! :D

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