Monday, July 29, 2013

Some good music by 2Cellos and KennyG - Musical Monday

Hey all my dear friends! :) Sorry for being late in posting today. I was busy fixing my Operating System.

Still, I guess, better late than never, right?! :D Did I tell you I join a Spanish course online? It's really fun! :D I'll talk about it sometime later :)

So today I am not sharing songs, rather sharing just music. Enjoy and sleep well later on :)

"Smells like Teen Spirit" by 2Cellos

"Smooth Criminal" by 2Cellos

"Songbird" by Kenny G

"Silhoutte" by Kenny G

"Havana" by Kenny G

"Waiting for you" by Kenny G

"Crockett's Theme (Miami Vice)" - Jan Hammer

I hope you all like this lovely music. Have a great night! :)
I hope to see you all soon again! :)

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