Monday, July 1, 2013

Next Generation of Apple Devices May Include Fingerprint Scanner [GUEST POST]

Apple introduced us into a new world of portable and hi-tech devices and they are not at all satisfied. They still have something more thrilling in their sleeves for us. Apple made a lot of things become much easier and convenient. With Apple's introduction of portable devices we could just do so much we could only imagine of doing before. They simply took the world into another world of technological possibilities. With all we have enjoyed from Apple's innovations they are not satisfied but still want to give us something more. A new world of what I call 'super tech'.

The company obtained a new patent and it was published. It revealed a fingerprint scanner that could be embedded into products. It is vastly rumored that it will be included in the upcoming iPhone 5S, which means the scanner, will add a new and strong layer of extra security already available with iPhone devices. Especially in our days of phone hacking and phone spying, Apple has always tried to see how they can keep iPhone users safe from all the dangers of cyber wars and cyber espionage and other cyber thefts and illegalities. This fingerprint innovation will also go a long to cover an area that is not really handled in their bid to keep iPhone users safe from some dangers and insecurity that are common today in the advancement of technology.

One key thing that most hi-tech companies and some big Nations especially the world powers are battling with is cyber security and other forms of security. They are working round the clock to come up with solutions to the problems that technology itself has brought with it. Having this in mind Mobile phone companies are leveraging on these problems and making huge sales. Today, any mobile device that promises any form of security is taken seriously and people go for it. Everybody wants to be safe and keep his or her privacy.

The way this new Apple technology works is that, for instance, when you are sliding the phone to unlock it, it will at the same time scan your finger print. If it detects that you are not the owner or at least your fingerprint does not correspond with the one it is coded with, it will remain locked. And the person will not be able to access the phone.

This is not the first time Apple Inc. Has looked the way of fingerprint technology to further secure and serve their teaming users better. Just last year, Cupertino, Calif. Company bought over a finger print-scanning firm- Authen Tec. And this made many suspects that they are after the fingerprint technology feature in their upcoming mobile devices.

With the recent PRISM revelations it seems that many users will be careful about activating this technology on their mobile phones. Though this technology is undoubtedly good and promises better security but how secured can it be? What are some of it lapses? Are users of this fingerprint technology safe from the PRISM hi-tech data mining spy?

Do you think the inclusion of this new innovation from Apple in their next mobile phone is a good idea? Would you use it? Should Apple go ahead and do it? Why not let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.

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