Sunday, April 27, 2014

DIY: Let's pass time with Craft! - Sunday Funday Tutorial / Super Sunday

Hey all my dear readers! :D I hope you all are doing just great! :)

I was wondering what to post today. Then suddenly I saw an advertisement on some website that landed me to Pidilite's youtube page. Although they uploaded those videos to promote their products, but the things they teach how to make are just amazing. Those are nice tutorials that the company made to promote the use of their "Fevicryl" range of products. But we are more interested in those good looking Do it Yourself (DIY) craft goods :D

Click the following button for their youtube channel where I found the amazing videos I am sharing with you all today.


Floral Bag with Acrylic Colour

T-shirt outlining with 3D Outliner

Snazzy Jute Box with Acrylic Colours

Sequinned Gift Box with Fabric Glue

Mask Tote Bag with Acrylic Colour

Ethnic Paisley Wallframe with Shilpkar

Decorative Terracotta_Peacock Bell

Decorative Terracotta_Table Dragon Decor

Decorative Terracotta_Leafy Pot

Decorative Terracotta_Vass with Tree Decoration

I hope you enjoyed these! :D I'll see if I share more of these next Sunday if I get time to. Although you guys can check their youtube channel whose link I shared above in that "click here" button.

For the time being, I should take a leave. Good Day!

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