Thursday, October 13, 2011

Clouds will always be there! - Intellectual Thursday

Hello all! ^_^

I always have kept one thing in my mind, you can call it a success secret, or whatever you may like to. That one thing is :- "You cannot ask the clouds to stop covering the sun but you can always condition yourself to work in the dim light!"

That is one my self-made quotes. I have included them in my "mantra" of adjusting myself to different situations. As a kid, I have been very rigid and resistive. But as I grew, rigidity in my decisions wasn't lost, though resistance changed to flexibility! I saw that holding to my decisions and words was difficult if I cannot adjust and adapt to different situations, and thus a small situational change would render me helpless and lead to failure. And then failure sometimes start a chain reaction of regression, and anguish, all sort of negative energies, feelings, etc.

But this one quote that I have shared with you, is the key that opens the doors of success in such situations. Clouds would always cover the sun every now and then. You cannot ask them to stop doing that. Neither can you ask the clouds to stop forming. Just like that, situations would be good and bad, changing every now and then, and that process couldn't be stopped. You can imagine yourself to be Earth. In every 24 hours a place faces both sunlight and darkness, just like that, happiness and sadness will come and go. Now its upto us that we remain firm, or get overwhelmed with the situations, flowing with them, away, or fighting with them, to our way to success.

If we could condition ourselves to work in dim-light, i.e., if we could be courageous enough to fight any situation, then we won't be afraid of the work of the clouds, whether it is to cover the sun, or to cause a storm!


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