Thursday, October 6, 2011

Reservation and Equality - Well, a bit too far apart - Intellectual Thursday

Hello All!

Had been wondering lately about the topic of reservation. Being one of the students of the "General" category, I too strongly oppose reservation. Though I have to admit, my knowledge about it, and about the affairs relating to it is quite too less, but still is enough to generate a sense of hatred for this system.

When we are talking of a world where we preach equality, according to me, reservation system stands no place in such a scenario. The reason many give to support this system is that, in earlier times people of minority communities have faced repression at the hands of the rich, and "Upper Class" people, or the Majority Community.

So years after the abolition of caste and class system our dear politicians revive this issue, generating a huge vote-bank for themselves, and at the same time, putting fuel to the fire, NO! in this case, fire to the fuel (because the things were much calmer before! huh!). But does this gives a reason to all the commonwealth countries declare a war against Britain? o_O Or does this gives a reason to the people pf South Africa to kill the whites dwelling there?

When we say that its been years to those things, and talking about them can open some un-healed wounds, or can provoke hatred, then why reservation? I remember, until I have not known much about reservation, almost everyone was similar to me. But since I have known of it, I myself have started to make a difference between reserved and unreserved people! I never knew that I was a classmate of some reserved community students. And never did I have seen them with hate. Are they really different? I don't think so. But this reservation system has given the students a reason to discriminate.

There have been efforts on large scale against this stupid norm, that is killing talent slowly, and of course is a major reason of Brain Drain, but I guess, since its my blog, atleast here I can say anything I want!

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  1. the reservation when was brought in India was based upon the census data of 1931...yes 80 years ago... something that still doesn't goes down my throat ...

  2. 1931?! huh! The policy makers are real idiots then! >_<


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