Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) - Super Sunday!

Hello dear readers of my blog! ^_^
Hope all of you are doing great! :D

I know I am not being too dedicated to posting things on here like I was in the beginning, but frankly speaking, that's only what is appearing to you all! I know I was about to reach my 100th post, but then I slowed down drastically! :/ Well been really busy. I am trying my level best to give time, but I am so busy that sorry - I cannot! :/ But it's Sunday and hence it call s for - A POST! A SUPER SUNDAY POST! :D

So friends, and dear readers! To all of you let me unveil - Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) :D

Alright! I know its been a while since its released, but hey! I said I was busy! o_O
So lets discuss some features of this new Ubuntu 11.10 or Oneiric Ocelot! :)

Features!! :D

  • Stylish, intuitive interface - Well the looks of new Ubuntu 11.10 with the wallpapers that are packed with it and the themes are just certainly mind blowing!! *Applause*
  • The launcher - Get easy access to your favourite tools and applications with this new launcher analogous to your Start Menu's Favorite Items(That you pin to your menu in Windows), but still superbly awesome and better than that! You can hide and reveal it, add and remove apps and keep track of your open windows.
  • Security - Now one feature that does open up your eyes wide! er, like this --> O_O ?? LOL! :D Well yes security! Just like your new Windows come with those Windows Antivirus, and Firewall, Ubuntu too comes with 'em, but hey!! it's Linux! And thus, certainly better than your Windows Antivirus(I AM TALKING ABOUT THE BUILT-IN ONE!!!)
    Some security features are:

    * Automatic security updates
    * Defence against viruses
    * Anti-phishing
    * File encryption
    * Password protection
    * Built with security in mind
  • Ubuntu Software Centre - Alright! Not new, but certianly new! LOL! Got my point?! no?! oh! I mean that the nwsoftware centre too is highly improved and is just superbly amazing! :D The interface is brilliant and the apps - WOW! Popular apps are starred to show how much they are rated on an average by the users! :)
  • Web Browsing - Ubuntu has everything you need to browse the web quickly and safely. Mozilla Firefox comes as standard and you can choose alternative browsers like Google Chrome from the Ubuntu Software Centre.
  • Office applications - Okay so here is the big change that comes now! NO MORE OPEN OFFICE! :O Oh! I loved Open Office! :( Ubuntu 11.10 comes with Libre Office installed instead, though it's just almost completely similar to Open Office! LibreOffice is easy to use, packed with the features you need, and it’s completely free.
  • Ubuntu is easy to use and FREE! - Yes! Switching from Windows to Ubuntu(if you ain't that much into games) is too easy! Since it has that GNOME as it's user-interface(UI), thus it's quite similar to your Windows Operating System. Just try it once! You'll love it! :)

Alright so you guys read some cool features of it?! now come on! Try it for once! Its worth it. I myself have been using Ubuntu since years now, that's why I am recommending it to you all!

Screen Shots (Taken from Web Tour)

You people may take a free demo of this great Linux Operating system by CLICKING HERE.



Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4


Since its an .iso image file(after extraction via 7-zip/WinRAR), you may burn it using a CD-Burner(like Nero, etc.) or you may mount the image too using a software of the kind, Daemon Tools. CLICK HERE to download the free version of Daemon Tools. Use Daemon Tools to install Ubuntu 11.10 inside Windows, else you may burn it if you want to do a full installation! :)

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