Thursday, June 20, 2013

Wassup on my side?

Hello my friends! :) How are you all? I'm doing good, by the way, and hope the same for you all! :)

Actually it's been a little while since my exams got over. Still I have not posted much here. Only a guest post this morning. Actually I have been damn busy since the exams got over. Now that does sound strange that after a long tussle with exams when they finally got over I am still busy, phew! :/

Well, I have been busy visiting relatives, buying books, and also looking around for training, which I finally found a good one and joined the other day. So the 6 weeks of the holidays, all that I have left now will be totally engulfed by that training. But don't worry that certainly doesn't mean I won't be posting here anything. I will be posting as regularly as I can.

For the coming time, I have a couple of things in my mind like a review of a cloud storage website I recently joined, and some games I want to share with you all. But apart from that I am looking for guest bloggers who would like to share stuff at my blog. I didn't know much of this guest blogging earlier, though I'm now trying to get familiar with this trend.

Apart from all this, I have updated my Disclosure policy, that can be found here. Also you might have noticed the link on the page-select bar above. Apart from all this, I have been busy with maintenance of my blog. What maintenance? You didn't notice any changes, right? Well they are minute. I have tried to improve the performance of my blog a little, deleted some redundant code, and also many broken links have been removed.

I was thinking of going on with a nice maintenance of all my posts to get rid of many broken links that must've been there in my old posts since videos get removed, websites are closed, etc. But with more than 250 posts, this task seems quite irritating and for the time being I have dumped this thought of mine.

So what maintenance is going on these days here? Well, I have been seeing if there are any link/banner exchanges that are no longer cool enough. I mean only I have their link here, or the link is broken, changed, etc. Such links are being renewed and removed. So a lot of small things here and there are going on my blog. So don't think that I am neglecting this place even though my exams are over for now.

I am trying to spend time here, but seriously things have been quite busy at my end. Also I am taking care of many things at the blog at the moment, and I will be coming with a few posts real soon.

Also I just want to inform you all again, that I have started to accept guest posts here and if you wish to make a guest post here, you can contact me at The post will be reviewed before going live, but certainly not be edited. At most 2 backlinks to your blog/website will be acceptable.

So that's all going on my side, how about you all? Hope to post here soon again! :) Good day friends! :D

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