Saturday, June 29, 2013

Funny Hell and Jigsaw Boom - Gaming Saturday

Hello my dear friends! :) I hope you all are doing great :D Happy Saturday! ^_^

I was wondering to post about the Hackintosh building guide, but I have dropped the plan and I won't be posting it now. The reason is that the comprehensive guides are written by some mac experts and I don't want to be accused of copying anything from their websites, the reason being I would have used them for reference for sure. Thus, I have dropped that idea.

Anyways, I was thinking of posting some cool games. I was bored of posting the similar games, and last time when Gaming Saturday was posted, you guys must have seen some new type of games than the ones I generally share. Keeping with that I thought to post different types of games. So this time I am bringing for you all a Jigsaw puzzle game and a mario-type game which is funny, rather tooooooo funny!! haha! :D ( Don't mind so many o's in the tooooooo :P )

One more thing, as usual all the download links are 100% legal and free to use. So don't worry no malware/adware are attached, neither they are illegal. They are 100% legal, free, fun, etc. etc. etc.!! :D

Funny Hell


Every year, the Lord of Hell calls upon his henchmen to take part in fights in order to amuse him. Throughout the game, you’ll take down enemy devils and destroy their fortresses. Download free full version game and enjoy unlimited play! Fight against the wily little demons in 50 tactical levels of unabashed fun. Destroy their fortress, take their lunch money, and eat their ice-cream as you compete for supremacy. It’s an all-out battle with pots, fireballs, crosses, and more. You will quickly learn however, that these demons are full of surprises so learning strategic nuances and upgrading your army is a must. Can you command your group well enough to be the victor in these entertaining challenges?

Sounds cool? No! It sounds real fun! :D haha When you'll look at the screenshots you would fall off laughing and love to hit the download link and get hold of the game! :D

Screenshots and Download Link


Jigsaw Boom


Piece together beautiful images from around the world in Jigsaw Boom, an entertaining challenge for all ages. Download free full version game and enjoy unlimited play! Unlock a treasure chest of jigsaw puzzles and piece together hundreds of different images that are sure to take your breath away. Build images of animals, landscapes, art, and more, as you try to score as many points as possible. The faster you build, the more points you will score.

Customize your playing experience to suit your tastes. Change the number of pieces per puzzle, turn on rotating pieces, and select from a wide array of categories. With hundreds of beautiful images, wonderful trophies, and a complete choice of how to play, each puzzle is certain to please you.

Download free full version game today and start playing today!

Free Game Features:

- 40 puzzles;

- Custom styles of pieces with rotation;

- Save game progress anytime;

- Magnifying glass with hints;

- 2 playing window;

- Unlimited game time;

- Ambient, relaxing sound.

The game is really fun, especially for the kids. Since we know the kids are becoming too technosavvy these days, giving them a board game of jigsaw would make them bored! Rather, we now have this cool digital version which you can cherish with your kids :D else, can relive your own childhood by playing in your free time :)

Screenshots and Download Link


I hope you all like these games and have a lot of fun playing them. I will try to post again today but not surely, but tomorrow posts will be posted for sure :D and I hope to see you all soon again, Good evening! :)

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