Thursday, June 20, 2013

Student life on screen [GUEST POST]

Here are ten movies about student life, and even though these movies are just a drop in
the ocean compared to how many there truly are, it is still hard to find realistic student
movies. So few student movies tell of what life is really like in schools these days. The
movies on this list each have a snippet of school life that you may recognize, but as for
authentic realism, they all seem to be deficient. The list is in no particular order, and you
should know that some descriptions contain spoilers.

1 - 10 Things I Hate About You

A new kid in the school has a massive crush on a girl, but the only problem is that to
date her, he is going to have to find a date for her sister. Her sister however is the
meanest girl in the school, so he has to go to great extremes to find someone who will
agree to date her.

2 - The Breakfast club

This is a story about five students who all have detention at the same time. As we learn
their stories, we see that they each have something in common, even though they are
all part of different cliques. Each student represents a different student stereotype.

3 - School of Rock

A lame guy pretends to be a teacher and takes it upon himself to teach the stuck-up kids
how to play music instead of learning things they will need. He does it all so that he can
enter a competition that his own band decided to enter, shortly after kicking him out of
the group.

4 - High School musical

No doubt, you have heard of this movie already, where child actors who are great at
singing but terrible at acting are forced through the stereotypical school story arch. If
you are already a fan of High School Musical then there is nothing that can be written to
sway you. If you have not seen it already then it is probably best to give it a miss and let
it fade into history.

5 - Mona Lisa’s Smile

Julia Roberts plays a schoolteacher in what turns out to be a finishing school. Eager
to teach the girls that they can be more than pretty wives, and she takes them on life
lessons. All of this happens as the girls’ lives take turns of their own.

6 - Mean Girls

The new girl Cady makes friends with the popular A-list girl clique when she joins a new
school. But then she has feelings for one of the ex-boyfriends of the popular girls, and
trouble follows.

7 - Donnie Darko

In this movie, we seem to experience the life of a student who becomes more and
more disturbed, until we realize that we are actually watching him relive events in his
disturbed little mind because he is sorry that he killed a girl.

8 - Carrie

This starts out as a story about an abused child, until she goes to school and we see that
the people at school are just as cold and evil as her mother. But the wronged girl gets
back at them by employing her telekinetic abilities to make them suffer. It is not a feel
good movie, but it is based on a Stephen King novel so you cannot expect gold.

9 - The Social Network

Based loosely on the life of Harvard student Mark Zuckerberg, it shows how he invented
the world’s largest social network, only to be sued and attacked by every power that be,
from privacy legislators and a former business partner, to two brothers who claimed he
stole their idea. This is not a typical student movie, but it is more realistic than a story
about kids who burst into song every time a student drops a pencil.

10 - School Ties

In this 1992 movie, Brendan Fraser tries to make it as a real actor, but apparently failed
(judging by his subsequent movies). In School ties, a Jewish boy attends a 1950’s elite
school, but his religion is exposed by another school student. At which point his school
life takes an irrecoverable turn for the worse.


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