Friday, July 29, 2011

Addiction and Slavery, Almsot Synonyms!

Hello All!
I guess the title of my post is enough to make you understand what would be there in this post of mine! LOL! Addiction and Slavery are not too different from one another if we think over it. The only difference being, slavery involves a living master though addiction involves a psychological master!
All of us have certain desires and when they are not fulfilled it is quite obvious that we feel bad about it. But sometimes, this feeling gets soo strong that we are unable to curb it and then, we fall into a well of sadness. It is not that difficult to come out of it, but once we lose hope, it is nearly impossible to come out of it, and then we keep on falling as if it was endless! Instead of realizing our own true potential, we tend to fall for other means of momentary Euphoria, which ends up being a slow poison, stealing us from ourselves, and killing us slowly, silently!
The major things one resorts to are drugs, alcohol, and smoking. Three deadly poisons which one can get easily addicted to. In worse situations, people tend to resort to the fourth and more addictive one, which is not only unethical, but also silently seeping away your strength, both mental and physical. The fourth one I am talking about is Sex!
Anger, frustration and depression are the keys that open doors to these catacombs of doom. It is not that we don't have to be angry, but frustration and depression? Why???? Why can't we just control that part? I know its difficult sometimes, but if we keep faith in ourselves and in god then nothing is difficult. I am not trying to preach anything to you all, I am just trying to give a simple lesson that more you stay away from these keys, farther you are from the doom! The world is not ending in December 2011, but if the current ways of leading an idiotic life continue, December 2011 is too far, you never know what might be your last day! I know your temporary Euphoria doesn't allows you to think these things to be bad, but if you want to live a life that is actually a life, that is called the gift of god, that is a beautiful thing, you have to get rid of you addiction, else you should know that you are no better than a slave!

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