Saturday, July 30, 2011

[Dя] Destined Rockers!

Me, My School besties, and our band! Hello all! ^_^
0riginally consisting of high school friends, these Destined | Rockers, after graduating from high school,began to take their musical interests more seriously. The band emerged with an extraordinary appreciable concept of creating a VIRTUAL BAND. Yeah, it meant that there isn't any limit to the band members. The band stretches beyond boundaries of nation, culture, gender, caste and religion. None of them know that how are they gonna manage it all ! Our genre in specifically undefined, being just a group of artist with their own personal interest. Destined rockers is much like an institute for new artists than a music band. We currently got no voice, so we just write the lyrics, and after sharing them with people around on facebook, we see that we are doing a great job! Though we haven't yet thought of getting vocals and music, we are still in making due to limited resources and capital that can be invested(Well we are just students! HELLO!! Not working students! :/ ).


  1. its yippeee ya yo yo yo!!! Do it the Dя way [Dя] SevenThree!! :D


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