Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Yo Window - Tech Tuesday

Hey all my dear readers! :) I hope you all are doing just great! :D happy Tech-Tuesday at my blog! :)

So, recently in my inbox I received this new app for Windows. yes, I'm talking of PC and not any Mobile Gadget! :P

We all have had a hard experience with the Windows Sidebar that was introduced with Windows Vista, being quite slow and irritating. Thought similar in function, yet not irritating is this new Yo Window app. On the CNET charts, it's ranked as No. 1 Weather Utilities! Let me make a not for you all from the website:

YoWindow is a full featured weather program with beautiful graphics. The magic of YoWindow is living landsapes that reflect the weather. Just like in your window. But in YoWindow you can even look into the future. You can see the weather forecast exactly at the time you want. You will enjoy the weather like never before.

YoWindow is a weather application for your PC that manages to deliver weather data in a unique and fun interface. With its ability to save multiple locations, it makes it incredibly simple to quickly pull up weather reports from anywhere in the world.

The program is about as simple as your typical weather-reporting Web site. Enter a city anywhere in the world, and watch as YoWindow's background image changes to reflect the current weather conditions there. In addition, YoWindow supplies you with all of the hard facts, including high and low for the day, Wind, Pressure, and Humidity. There's a time graph along the top of YoWindow where you can click through to see weather forecasts for different times throughout the day. And of course, you can also shuttle through different dates as well. There's even a calendar component that you can click through.

And admit it that after you read the above 3 paragraphs, you agreed that Windows Sidebar was nothing! haha! :D There is quite too much added over that traditional sidebar weather gadget. This one is really amazing. The only problem is that this one is a free and trial version, only for 3 days! :( The full version is available for $20(approx).

While previous versions of YoWindow offered only a single landscape background, this newest version offers five, including Village, Seaside, Airport, Oriental, and Sky. In addition, the program lets you turn any of your personal photos into a landscape, just for kicks. Whichever background you choose, YoWindow's visualizations always show up, indicating rain, clouds, even night and day. This makes it easy to get a weather reading by quickly glancing at your screen.

Overall, YoWindow is a surprisingly useful app that also looks good. With its several landscapes and nifty weather visualizations, it provides a unique way of checking the forecast. You can use the program in its own window on your desktop, or set it as your default Windows screensaver. Either way, the information is all there, ready to access in just a few clicks.

YoWindow is free to try, but the trial version limits users to a three-day forecast and fewer landscapes to play with. When installing, make sure to watch out for the bundled toolbar, and opt in or out according to your preference.

SAo actually, this is not a sidebar tool! hahahaha! :P It's a full screen software and is too cool! :D Check out the Screenshot, Official Website and Download Link:



For once this software even reminded me of the Webshots, you remember? But then, no! They both are worlds apart, I now guess. Anyways, thanks for the time you spent viewing this post. I hope to see you all soon again. All comments and suggestions welcomed always! :) Good Day friends! :D


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