Saturday, December 22, 2012

Solitaire, Card House, Borken Hearts: Crad Games - Gaming Saturday

Hey my dear friends! :D I hope you all are well. Happy weekend :) And hey, apparently the world didn't end yesterday! :P

So I thought to share a few games and celebrate the Gaming Saturday like always with you all. By the way, I hope it's holidays for you all, I am still in the middle of exams! :/ But you guys don't worry, I'm doing fine. Have fun :)

Solitaire Forever

Don't tell me you use a computer and don't know about the game Solitaire. Whether you use it at home, or office, or school, or college, it can't be the case that a computer user is unaware of the game Solitaire. But Windows Solitaire is now old and monotonous and with Windows 8 it takes a lifetime to download the apps of Solitaire or Minesweeper >_< So here I bring you a cool solitaire with funny images on the deck of cards! :D Enjoy! :) And don't to forget to read what developers have to say about the game:

Welcome to the most internationally acclaimed patience! This one will never let you down and will never let you bored. Millions of people all over the world have appreciated this wonderful game. The rules of Play Solitaire Forever are very simple - you should manage the cards from the board to foundations according to their suits. Bear in mind that the pasteboards are to be put in the strict order - from the Ace to the King. If you look at the playing field you'll see seven ranges of cards. You can replace a card from one stack to another, but remember that black and red suits must come one after another. In the left upper corner you'll see a pack of additional cards, which can be placed to foundations or to the ranges. Play Solitaire Forever and get points! Turn a quite patience into a funny contest! There are four bonus cards on the field that give you aces. Activate them putting to the group of corresponding color. Look at your result and make it better! You want to be the best, don't you? Well, you are able to set the records! When the game is over you can see your best results and collate the achievements. Above all, the game allows you to change background themes in the settings. Choose among 6 images the one to your liking. In-game music helps you to concentrate and forget about everyday troubles. Are you ready to show your talent? Then download Play Solitaire Forever right now absolutely for free, improve your skills in patience and become a professional!

Download Link and Screenshots

CLICK HERE to Download now! (Free, Full and LEGAL!)

Make a House

Well well well! Don't you dare tell me that you were a kid once and never made a house of cards! :O It used to be so much fun and each floor built used to be a great achievement which suddenly doubled when you bulldozed it with a kick! hahahaha!! :D Yeah, that good old, fun game is available on computer too, yes, you never knew, admit that :P So download and enjoy. Be sure to look at what the developers have to say:

Make A House is a new free puzzle available to be downloaded right now! The goal is simple though the rules are quite complicated. Each round a player has to build a card house following special instructions. At the bottom of the screen there appear 5 cards that you need to match and start building a house through many levels. First use the cards which has bigger value. The next floor is allowed to be built on the foundation made of cards with the equal or fewer value. There are also lots of surprises during the game. Beams can be really valuable, Balsa wood - is a combination of cards making 20 points together. 21-cement is another combo variant shown in the instructions, as well as the Blowing Joker that destroys your masterpiece. Every time you have anti-bonus on the top level, the one will be destructed. But Blowing Joker can also ruin the entire house! Make A House is a thrilling game for those who like to watch and analyze, count and look for other ways to solve the riddle. For those who are not familiar with the game there are two modes that enable you to practice more. This option allows you to choose what level and round you would like to participate in. Then you can choose the level of difficulty and start the game. After you practice a little you can shift to the level mode where you accomplish given tasks and face the difficulties more serious than before. Make A House is much fun for witty ones and those who want to relax without going out.

What I think is that this game would be reminding adults of their childhood days and would be loved by kids for the cute graphics! :D

Download Link and Screenshots

CLICK HERE to Download now! (Free, Full and LEGAL!)

Broken Hearts: A Soldier's Duty

The story if you read what developers told s just amazing:

Maria Lopez, the main character of Broken Hearts: A Soldier's Duty, and her handsome husband seemed to love each other until the end of the world. Maria, the florist, and David, serving in the army, seemed to be the kindred souls. So it wasn't a surprise for their friends and parents that once they decided to get married. While Fox's wedding was absolutely perfect, following tropical honeymoon became a sort of challenge for them both. Since David had to cut their vacation and went back in his military unit, Maria had fears about his life. As Maria found out that her husband had passed away a few days later, a life of the usual florist turned upside down. The shocking news of David's death caused loss of her memory, and miserable Maria got confused about the present and events occurred while her husband was alive. Your task in Broken Hearts: A Soldier's Duty is to figure out what happened with her husband actually and what is going on in her life after his death. In Broken Hearts: A Soldier's Duty, in order to recover widow's memory, you need to pass through her life one more time again since David passed away and gather together all things and pieces of her partly lost memory that can remind Maria the past. Memories come partially to a widow so at first she remembers names of objects she seeks, then outline and afterwards the whole memory. As you pick everything in one location, disappointed widow will be able to restore events that have occurred and continue her life. Take a care of Maria and be careful because the truth has already taken a memory of one in breathtaking romantic story in Broken Hearts: A Soldier's Duty.

This indeed sounds to be much fun, and we shall know in a few seconds with the screenshots. They appear to have a good mix of many types of games, especially the Detective types(search a pin in the hay!) and Card Types(Solitaire, Hearts, etc.)

Download Link and Screenshots

CLICK HERE to Download now! (Free, Full and LEGAL!)

I hope you all like the games. Enjoy them, and in the meantime I shall go back to my studies. Good Day friends. See you all soon :)


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