Monday, September 19, 2011

My Immrotal - Evanescence - Musical Monday!

Hello Friends! :)
I have finally decided for sure now, to organise my blog better. The posts count is already reaching 80 soon, so I guess an organisation must take place from now on.
I am reserving days for different kinds of posts, though I might share randomly too.
Musical Monday - I'll share music! :)
Tech Tuesday - Would share things about computers and all
Word Power Wednesday - Would share a new word to build Vocabulary!
Intellectual Thursday - Time to share something Philosophical
Fromrum Friday - Cool things I find in any Forums! :)
Gaming Saturday - A new game for download for you! :)
Random Sunday - Come on! Sunday is a holiday, and so is a holiday from sticking to topics! A random post! :)

So Today, 19th September is a Monday, so lets welcome - Musical Monday! :) with the song, My Immortal by Evanescence! :)

Have a great time and day! :)

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