Sunday, May 26, 2013

New Topic for Sundays! :D - Super Sunday

Hey all! Welcome to my blog on this Sunday Evening! :)

Sundays on my blog are called Super Sunday, as you all know it. I am not thinking of dumping this topic, but I am thinking of adding a new one to it. Why keep Sundays just for fun? And if they are meant for fun alone, why can't fun comprise learning? So this is the logo I made for the new posts:

Looks cool, right?! :D

Okay, so I wanted to tell you all one more thing. Super Sundays will not cease to exist, they will continue. I'll keep the Super Sunday posts coming in future as they have been in the past. But just to add more informative and learning stuff here, I thought of this nw topic. I hope you all like it. All suggestions and comments would be welcomed as always. You can ask for specific topic tutorials you want me to find. If I can find them, I'll share them here with you all for sure! :)

How did this idea come to my mind?

You know exams are going on these days for me. This made me think of introducing this topic to my blog. This way I can find tutorials to learn things, and as well as pass time sharing them with you all at my blog! :D

By the way, I have already shared a few Maya Tutorials with you all earlier(here), in 2 or 3 posts ago. If you havern't seen them, be sure to check them out now. For convinience, I am posting those videos here too :) Plus, from the channel fo the same person a few more videos to chill out! :D

Some nice video tutorials for Autodesk Maya I found

More videos from same channel

All these above videos belong to this YouTube Channel. Must see, you'll find it nice :)

This is the start, I'll try to update whenever I find cool ones. More to come, have fun! Please do send me suggestions and requests. I want to make my blog better! :)

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