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My Laptop! :D - ThinkPad e430 Review - My Take - Tech Tuesday

Hey all! :) So final practicals over, now final Theory start next Monday, phew! Tiring exams. By the way! Welcome to my blog on this nice Tuesday! :D I mean Tech Tuesday! :D

How I finalised e430?

So, I bought my first laptop last year. Why so late? Well, I know PCs are better than Laptops and I don't like wasting money. So I waited until I really needed a computer on the go. The time came finally and my father too agreed to buy me a laptop. I did extensive research and talked to so many people and shopkeepers, read tonnes of reviews on Internet, and thought to buy a HP dv6. My cousin lives abroad and told me he would buy me one and I can give him money when we meet since the laptops are quite cheaper in his country as compared to India. So I started more research to find something more durable and one that carries International Warranty. Sony was one that I immediately ruled out off the list of choices since the cheaper ones are not durable and durable ones are damn expensive! Toshiba is not too popular in India as yet, so I had to give up that also because not too popular implies, bad service(lack of service centres, contacts, etc.) Dell never seems appealing to me, I gave up on that idea way before Sony! :P Moreover, though popular, the reviews of dell(once the warranty expires) are worst! HP doesn't come with an international warranty, and I was thinking of buying a dv6. I gave up that idea too. Now I was thinking about Lenovo IdeaPad. After much roaming around the city and getting reviews, my father suggested me to look for IBM. I thought oh yes, I never thought about it. I came to know it now sells by the name of Lenovo ThinkPad. I immediately started my research. Found that though Lenovo won't be giving me International warranty, and if I want it I'll have to pay extra, still their durability is unmatched. Even MacBook stand nowhere when we talk of the durability of a ThinkPad. I was confused between e430 and the tougher option T430, but I thought to go for the less expensive one and bought the e430.

Description of what I bought

ThinkPad Edge E430
ProcessorIntel Core i3-2350M Processor (3M Cache, 2.30GHz)
Operating systemWindows 7 Home Premium (64 bit)
Operating system languageWindows 7 Home Premium 64 - English
Display type14.0" W HD (1366 x 768) LED AntiGlare, Midnight Black
System graphicsIntel HD Graphics (WWAN or mSATA capable)
Total memory4 GB DDR3 - 1600MHz (1 DIMM)
KeyboardKeyboard - US English
Pointing deviceUltraNav with FingerPrint Reader
Camera720p HD Camera
Hard drive500GB Hard Disk Drive, 7200rpm
Optical deviceDVD Recordable
Battery6 cell Li-Ion Battery 48WH - 75+
Power cord65W AC Adapter - US (3pin)
Integrated WiFi wireless LAN adaptersIntel Centrino Wireless-N 2230 & Bluetooth 4.0 (2x2 BGN & BT4)
Language packPublication - US English
Warranty1 Year Express Depot

Main Review

When talking about this laptop, the first thing that solves most queries related to durability and quality is to highlight the fact that it's a ThinkPad, the original IBM series. It's been over 6 months since I have been using it(I bought it in October '12 end) and so it is perfect to review about it, and I can tell about most things.


14" screen makes it an 'easy-enough' display which bundles the portability by being a bit smaller than the other Edge variant, e530. 14" sounds sometimes small, but when you'll use it you'll know it is the most sufficient one. Even more portable that the 15" ones, because 14" being lighter and smaller.


Didn't weigh it on a scale as such, LOL!. It is average when we talk about weight, I guess a little lighter than the corresponding Z series of IdeaPad. Though the difference is of few hundred gram, but you know when you have to carry more than just a laptop(as is the case most of the times), this difference even looks like a life saver! :D

Battery Backup

I have experienced battery backup ranging from 4 hours(at least) upto 7 hours. Don't think that the laptop would give a high backup from day one, it started giving a good backup after a couple of weeks passed. An important point is use of power adapter more frequently than the battery for initial weeks, which I guess all laptop users already know. Moreover I have found some good tips to extend battery life for laptops, I will see when I get time to share it :)


With an experience of merely 6 months, I'm not in position to say much about Durability, but it's a ThinkPad, "The Business Standard Laptop", ought to be durable and most reviews on the internet suggest that. Though my ThinkPad looks as good as new, but 6 months is no time to say anything about durability of an expensive thing. I have read many reviews on Internet as I told you all, and it is said that ThinkPad are more durable than MacBook!!! :D


It lacks the Numpad as any 14" laptop, but still the keyboard is amazing. The keys are silent and the keyboard formation is such that it feels quite comfortable while typing. The Trackpad is centre aligned rather than left aligned in most laptops. This makes the laptop surfce around the Trackpad become a good palmrest as I type! :D It has got dedicated media control buttons so no need to drag the pointer to the pause/play button, Volume Up/Down, Brightness, Wifi, Camera, Mic, or Mute! One thing it lacks is a Pause/Break button which I, as a programmer, feel quite sad about.

ThinkVantage Tools

These are a group of software that come bundled with your ThinkPad Laptop. They are great for maintenance purpose, keeping track of battery, etc. and some good utilities, such as added functionality for the Finger Print Reader. More about ThinVanatge Tools, you can find on the Internet, since talking about them would become a different post :)


Something I love! I don't like those glossy laptops, they look irritating. The matte look makes the user feel like using a classy thing, and not something that's common with everybody. So it seems like I have the classier thing as compared to most of my peers! :D To be specific, none of my friends own a Business Series, they all have that glossy consumer line ones! :P


The only problem is that there is no room for a dedicated GPU in case you wish to upgrade at a later stage. You have to rely on the Intel HD Graphics alone. So gamers! e430 should not be anything in your wishlist. Well, when I bought it there was no option, so I am not sure if they now have a slot for GPU too :) This thing you gotta check on your own, I don't know.

Added Features

This Business line of Lenovo has certain unique features that most of the laptops don't have. These include:

  1. Linux Support - ThinkPad supports Linux OS. This means that it is configured to run Linux, which heats up most laptops excessively if not administered by a professional or someone with good knowledge of Linux.
  2. TrackPoint - Perhaps the oldest feature running from the IBM ThinkPad inherited by Lenovo too, makes it really easy to scroll and use pointer with keyboard at times, without the need of a mouse.
  3. Finger Print Reader - haha! It is amazing. I can store my passwords and attach them to one of the 10 digits of my hands. Thus the ThinkPad can record 10 fingerprints and for each finger I can assign a quick link to any of my favourite websites where I need to log in. So I just swipe my finger and the website logs in! No need to enter password again and again and worry about it's loss! :D

Everyday Users(NOT GAMING), Verdict for you

e430 is the BEST choice and worth every penny! It is a better choice than consumer line IdeaPad, or Pavilion g6, or Inspiron(I don't know about XPS or dv6 so I'd not comment). Spend a little extra over that IdeaPad and buy yourself a Thinkpad, a complete package of Class, Quality, Durability and Amazingness!


It has got 3 USB 3.0 ports, and one eSATA(that is a USB 2.0 port that can be used even when the laptop is powered off. It is used to charge devices from Laptop battery). Moreover e430 has both HDMI and VGA ports so that you can connect to all sorts of displays easily, so be happy those who worry about their laptop connectivities during presentations! :D One Ethernet port with a Gigabit Ethernet Card which means super fast speed on Wired LAN connections!

And ya! I found these pics on the Internet as most of my posts, since I am not a good photographer. So please, if you have any problem with me posting any of them let me know, I'll remove it :)

I don't know how many of you would consider buying a business series laptop, but still hope that my review helped you all. :) All comments and suggestions welcomed! :D I thought to make the following image my blog's icon, what say? :D


  1. Very nice review pal...as expected

  2. Seeing the specifications of your new laptop, glad that you finally found something that has great features suitable to your standards. It surely provided you with more value for your money. Enjoy!

    1. Yeah, it is a value for money package. Though I see that you are the same person who commented on my online shopping website review post. But different name? o.O

  3. Ordered my E430 a couple of days ago. It arrives today. Quite excited. Like you, I researched for a number of weeks before settling on this. I would have liked the backlit keys of the T430, but it's something I can do without.
    I've got the i5 3230M variant, so I assume it'll be a good deal snappier. I think it's a great choice for people who aren't buying a portable PC for gaming or for show (ahem, Macbook users).
    Can't wait for it to arrive. I'm hoping it turns out to be the right decision. Based on your review, I think it will be :)

    1. E430 now? I think Lenovo's already out with 431 now. Anyways, 430 is a superb laptop. The looks are good, and overall my review has explained everything I can say about this lovely laptop. I agree MacBook being a complete showoff. Too much payment only for the design. Anyways, T430 was also my choice, though I did away with E430 haha! :D It's a good laptop, you won't be disappointed. Have fun! :)

  4. Very helpful review!!! Thanks for sharing this helpful information

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  6. It is fantastic but I will recommend Lenovo ThinkPad E565 because it is cheap laptop having high specs.


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