Thursday, November 27, 2014

Just wanted to share some words with you all

Hey all my dear readers! :D I hope you all are doing great! ^_^

Been long, right? A bit too long. All those Musical Mondays in last 4-5 months were all scheduled posts. I had no Internet Access, and well, no laptop/PC either to blog/visit back or do anything I had been doing until June '14.

Well, that travel for the job in the June end, was really a big change for me. Living without family, friends, Internet, games, it all was like, as if I was totally fun deprived. Not that I couldn't have fun with the resources there, people there, but well, my own rules and routines didn't allow me to. Thus, those 4-5 months became total dormancy for me.

Disconnected from a lot of friends, and my family, it was a new experience for me. I don't know how much have I been able to develop myself, either personally, or professionally, but somewhere my heart says, the experience stored in my sub-conscious mind will help me in life further.

Now I am moving to another new city, even farther from my family and friends. But well, I will have my laptop with me. So I will try to find an Internet connection too. Then atleast I can connect with some good old friends so that I don't feel that lonely, and well, this blog will always be there for me to help me spend that little bit free time I might find to make myself feel lonely and depressed.

Well, but I have learned a lot of things, and I don't want to discuss all the events that happened with me which made me feel sad and depressed. Now that all is gone. And now I am again moving. Of course it will be hard for me to not feel homesick, I love my home and family just too much. But, atleast I won't be that sad since I have experienced a lot already.

On a positive note, and positive thoughts, I hope I can get time, and resources(INTERNET to be precise!) to continue blogging so that I keep interacting with you all.

Hope to be back to normal soon, I mean the Toxifier self :D for you all, and the small, nagging kid for my family. I guess I shouldn't write further, or these watery eyes will begin to water my beard now, LOL! Anyways, see you all soon again!

Good Evening!

And I forgot, if I get time tomorrow, I might schedule more posts. Else, wait till I get my stable Internet connection in the new city. And of course, a place to live, a place to eat. :)

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