Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Media Players - Shortcuts Part 3 - Tech Tuesday

Hey all! How are you doing? I just recalled those pending shortcut post. This is the third post in this series of shortcuts for applications, etc. for your computers, simple, short ways to little quicken some things. So today's topic of shortcuts is Media Player, like WinAmp, Media Player Classic and VLC Media Player. What made me to post the shortcuts of Media Players? If you guys remember , I posted on Super Sunday about the Media Players only, with the links to download some cool ones. That is what made me post the shortcuts of them.


xPlay song, make sure main window is active by pressing alt+w twice
vStop song
shift+vStop song with fadeout
cPause and unpause song
b/xJump to next or previous song
jJump to file
shift+lOpen directory to play from
lOpen file, use tab, shift+tab and arrow keys to navigate
ctrl+lOpen URL to play from
rToggle repeat (note changed icon)
sToggle shuffle (note changed icon)
arrow left/arrow rightRewind or fast forward 5 seconds
arrow up/ arrow downTurn volume up or down
ctrl+tShow remaining time elapsed or left for current song
ctrl+jJump to time in current song
shift+lStop after song finished (would be nice if you could see that somewhere)
alt+3Tag editor
j or ,on numeric keypadOpen jump-to-file Box
alt+wToggle main wwindow
alt+lShow or hide media library window
alt+vShow or hide video window
alt+xShow or hide browser window
alt+gShow or hide graphic equalizer window
alt+cShow or hide skin setting menu
ctrl+shift+kShow or hide Visualization window
ctrl+tabCycle through different windows (seems to be worthless), use alt+w twice to get to main player window
alt+lto get to media library etc.
ctrl+wToggle winshade mode (minimize)
ctrl+aToggle always on top
ctrl+alt+nOpen new winamp window
alt+fOpen file menu
alt+pOpen play menu
alt+oOpen options menu
alt+iOpen view menu menu
ctrl+pOpen preference menu, press esc to leave
alt+sOpen Skin selection menu in preferences
alt+kConfigure Current Visualization Plug-In
ctrl+shift+kStart/Stop current Visualization Plug-In
ctrl+kOpen Visualization Tab of Preferences
f1Open "about winamp" window
ctrl+nNew (clear) playlist
ctrl+oOpen (load) playlist
ctrl+sSave playlist
alt+3View or edit track info
ctrl+eEdit selected track filename
ctrl+aSelect all
ctrl+iInvert selection
deleteRemove selected files from playlist
ctrl+deleteCrop playlist
alt+down arrow/alt+up arrowMove selected files down or up
down arrow/up arrowMove cursor down or up
enterPlay Selected file
end/homeJump to end or start of list
alt+deleteRemove dead (non-existent) files
ctrl+shift+1Sort playlist by title
ctrl+shift+2Sort playlist by file name
ctrl+shift+3Sort playlist by file path and name
ctrl+rReverse playlist
ctrl+shift+rRandomize playlist
1 to 0Increase EQ bands
q to pDecrease EQ bands
`Increase EQ preamp
tabDecrease EQ preamp
sOpen presets menu
ctrl+sLoad preset
aToggle EQ auto-loading
ctrl+f4Close (hide) graphical equalizer
1 on numeric keypadJump ten songs back
6 on numeric keypadNext track
5 on numeric keypadPlay, restart, update
4 on numeric keypadPrevious track
3 on numeric keypadJump ten songs forward
7 on numeric keypadRewind 5 seconds
9 on numeric keypadFast-forward 5 seconds
8 on numeric keypadTurn volume up
2 on numeric keypadTurn volume down
0 on numeric keypadOpen/play file
ctrl+0 on numeric keypadOpen/play location

VLC Media Player

SpacePause or play movie
vSubtitles cylce/off
bAudio track cycle
Ctrl+Arrow Up/ Ctrl+Arrow DownVolume
Double clickFullscreen
ScrollVolume or Position (see settings)
Right clickLocal menu (play controls, audio/video)
Ctrl+dOpen disc menu
Ctrl+fOpen folder (browse folder menu)
Ctrl+r or ctrl+sAdvanced open file
Ctrl+oOpen single file(s)
mMute and unmute audio
pPlay movie (from the very beginning)
sStop movie
EscExit full screen mode
+/-/=Faster, slower, normal
aAspect ratio
cCrop screen
g/hIncrease or decrease subtitle delay
j/kIncrease or decrease audio delay
zChange zoom mode
Ctrl+1, ctrl+2, ctrl+3, ctrl+4Recent media (in Media - Recent media menu)
tShow time
Ctrl+tGoto time
Shift+Left/RightVery short jump (3 seconds)
Alt+Left/RightShort jump (10 seconds)
Ctrl+Left/RightMedium jump (1 minute)
Ctrl+Alt+Left/RightLong jump
Ctrl+hHide / unhide controls
Ctrl+pPreferences/ interface settings
Ctrl+eAdjustments and audio/video effects
Ctrl+bEdit bookmarks
Ctrl+mOpen messages
Ctrl+nOpen network
Ctrl+cOpen captue device
Ctrl+lOpen playlist
Ctrl+ySave playlist
Ctrl+i or ctrl+jMedia information
Alt+aOpen audio menu
Alt+hOpen help menu
Alt+mOpen media menu
Alt+pOpen playlist menu
Alt+tOpen tool menu
Alt+vOpen video menu
Alt+lOpen playback menu
dShow movie path
nPlay next movie from playlist
F1Show Help
F11Window full-screen (not equal to pressing F)
Alt+f4, alt+q or ctrl+qQuit VLC

Media Player Classic

Arrow up/Arrow downVolume
wSubtitle on/off
sSubtitle cycle
aAudio cycle
Double clickFullscreen
Right clickLocal menu
Shift+Arrow left/Arrow rightJump to keyframe
Arrow left/Arrow rightMedium jump (~5-20 sec)
Ctrl+gGoto time
bBoss key
Shift+F10File properties
Alt+iSave picture
Ctrl+iShow time
1Minimal view
2Compact view
3Normal view


  1. wow..great info..i learned lot of shortcut keys.. thnx

  2. @Mak - I'm glad that my post helped you! :) Thanks for stopping by! :)


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