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Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) - Super Sunday

Hey all! :) It's Sunday! Sunday! SUPER SUNDAY! :D How are you all doing?! :D I hope fine! ^_^ My final exams finally start tomorrow! LOL! And I'm not excited at all >.> haha! Who would be excited about stupid exams? They are no fun, although they make them to be, but they don't! huh! Anyways! The big thing is, I downloaded the latest Ubuntu, the day it was released! haha! :D And so now here is the review for you all, my friends! ^_^ Have fun reading! :D

Time for some G.K. on the latest version

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) is the current Ubuntu Long Term Support (LTS) release, made available on schedule on 26 April 2012. Ubuntu 12.04 is Canonical's 16th release of Ubuntu and its fourth long term support version. The name for the release was announced by Shuttleworth on 5 October 2011 and is named after the pangolin anteater. Unlike previous LTS releases that have been supported for three years for the desktop version and five years for the server version, this release will be supported for five years for both versions.

Following the Ubuntu Developer Summit in early November 2011 Canonical announced that the default download for 12.04 will be 64-bit, with 32-bit still available as a user choice. Okay! so let me make it clear to my brother - "SEE!! ALTHOUGH THEY SAY ON THEIR WEBSITE THAT 32BIT IS RECOMMENDED, THEY HAD ALREADY SAID 64 BIT IS THE BEST! >_<, I mean indicated atleast! LOL!" Other changes in this release include a much faster start up time for the Ubuntu Software Center and refinements to Unity. This release also replaced the Banshee media player with Rhythmbox and dropped the Tomboy note-taking application and the supporting Mono framework as well.

In January 2012 Shuttleworth announced that Ubuntu 12.04 would incorporate a new head-up display (HUD) feature that will allow hotkey searching for application menu items from the keyboard, without the need for using the mouse. Shuttleworth said that the HUD "will ultimately replace menus in Unity applications" but for Ubuntu 12.04 at least the menus will remain.

That was what was all said before releases. Let's come to the reality and face it Mano-a-Mano! :D

What's cool about Ubuntu 12.04?

You really don't know?! :O It's the speeeeed! It's just superb Ubuntu. I mean performance, speed all's cool! :D Worth noting! :D :D The ‘P’ in the Ubuntu 12.04 codename (“Precise Pangolin”) could just as easily stand for ‘Performance’ as it does ‘Precise’, as said by someone on the internet! LOL!

Speed, once a rod used to beat Unity with, is now arguably its greatest strength; a yardstick by which other desktop environments may start to be measured. This speed boost feeds into the entire OS feeling brand new. Ubuntu is fast, snappy and responsive. In fact this release is perhaps best representative of the “Unity” vision proposed by Canonical; everything from apps to environment feels cohesive in 12.04. Elements that were, in prior releases, half-finished or cumbersome to use now feel polished and intuitive. Quicklists, for example, were one ‘feature’ of Unity that hadn’t been exploited by many of Ubuntu’s default apps until now.

Now don't look at me saying, "unity"? :O You have seriously not read my post about Ubuntu 10.10 or 11.10, right?! >_< Duh!! Unity is the current Graphical Environment of the Ubuntu, and details, HELL! I'm not going in them again! :P

More about Ubuntu 12.04

Due to its LTS promise, the development cycle has focused more on improving the core experience and fixing bugs, as well as a fit-and-finish approach to UI elements. Ubuntu 12.04 Precise Pangolin UnityUnity’s Dash has been upgraded to give users more control:

“The schedule for an LTS is actually different from normal procedures,” explains John Lea of the Ubuntu Design team, “We apply a higher bar to new features entering, we generally focus the whole cycle along more on quality and stability. It’s really a shift in focus, and this goes into the selection of the applications. We’re looking very much at how things will be supported over the next five years, and what the best choices are that we can make given that we’ve tied ourselves into 5 years of support”

This stable approach is also being applied to the server side, explains Ubuntu Server Technical Lead, Dave Walker:

“Really it’s just been a progression to build upon what’s been in previous releases. This is our LTS release so there’s been a strong focus on stability, precision…[as well as] being conservative, but also pushing the boundaries where we can. Part of my job that has been quite tricky is balancing this aspect. We really have an amazing and enthusiastic team here, and we’ve managed to do a lot”

The latest version of Unity boasts more than just performance gains. There are new lenses, options and minor features for you to play around with – most notably of which is the new ‘App Menu’ searching tool ‘HUD’. The HUD is called by a tap of the ‘Alt’ and is able to search entire application menus of the ‘in focus’ app – as well as provide swift access to features in the ‘Status Menus’ (networking, messaging, etc). The ‘Home’ Lens that previously provided 8 giant shortcuts to applications and folders has been replaced with dynamic ‘activity overview’ – showing your most recently used apps, files, etc.

The sluggish Banshee music player has been replaced by Rhythmbox – a change that Lucid-updaters won’t notice.This sports the integrated Ubuntu One Music Store for purchasing albums and tracks. yes, Banshee was indeed Sluggish! >_< The latest versions of office suite LibreOffice, web-browser Firefox, e-mail client Thunderbird, and Instant Messenger Empathy are all included, with the latter introducing better support for video calling. The Ubuntu One Control Panel has been revamped, and includes set-up, installation and other options all in one window. It’s not the prettiest of apps, but it is functional. By the way, the good news for Social networking-oholics! The new and official breed of freaks: Ubuntu 10.04 upgraders will find an alternative photo-management application installed in the form of Shotwell. It, like Ubuntu One Control Panel, is not the most elegant of apps (something users migrating from a certain fruit-named OS will note) but it does the job well. It even supports exporting of images to Flicke and Facebook. For Tweets and Facebook addicts the default “social client” (also obtusely referred to as ‘Broadcast’ in places) remains the faithful, if not overly appreciated, Gwibber.

WUBI - Windows Ubuntu Installer

Hmmm...So can there be something perfect? I mean so many cool things, there must be something that would be irritating, right?! O_O YES YES YES!! Here that comes! :D duh! >_< It's the Windows Installer. Actually, for all the earlier versions of Ubuntu it was quite easy to install them inside windows and get things done, so that in case we got trouble addressing any issues, we would uninstall it like any other Window Application and re-install it. But what if it were a full install?! RUINED!! >_< Anyways, what;s the problem with WUBI in 12.04? Well, it's indirect! What do you mean by indirect, Dя Toxifier? Give me a chance to speak! :P Indirect because when you simply insert the disk and try to install it inside windows, you won't see any option to to that. Now don't feel like you are ruined, there is a simple way out. Simple! SIMPLE! DAMN SIMPLE!! :D All you gotta do is:

  • Open the Command Prompt - Don't ask me how to do it! >_< You are ready to install a whole operating system, and that too nothing else, BUT LINUX, and you don't know how to open CMD? huh!

  • Now the path of your CD-Drive or the drive in which you mount the .iso image. I did it in Z: Drive. So I simply typed, Z: and hit return.

  • Next, type in - Z:\wubi.exe --force wubi

  • REPLACE "Z" with the drive letter of your CD Drive or the drive in which you mount the .iso image.
  • Then the dialog box appears to launch the Wubi, click yes, and go ahead, INSTALL UBUNTU 12.04 inside Windows! :D

  • TADA!! Simple, right?! :D


“Instead of going down the Windows path people are interested in moving to the Ubuntu path,” Canonical director of engineering and products Zaid Lal Hamami said. “If you can stream applications running on different platforms but dispersed on your machines there’s an entire wave of applications that can be running anywhere in cloud and can be integrated."

Ready to download?!

Aha! Fasten up your seat-belts, and !!!!!!!!!!!!! CLICK HERE(for 32-bit) or HERE(for 64 Bit)! TADA! haha! :D

Thanks a lot for reading. All comments are welcomed. Always love to know your viewpoints my readers! Have a splendid day! :) I mean, SunDay! hahaha! :D


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    1. Thanks for the visit! :) Hope to see you soon again! :D Happy new week! :D

  3. wonderful! the best part was to get the wubi running successfully. Thanks pal

  4. 4 me nuthin wrks better dan ma windows

    1. In that case! All I can say is, u've not tried Ubuntu very well..else u can do most of the things in Ubuntu too! :P

  5. interesting especially the WUBI issue solved. thanks for that info, i'd been trying it since quite a while

    1. Your welcome! And thanks a lot for a nice comment! :)

  6. I guess you need to revise your links dear!

    1. Oh! Thanks :D I would just correct them. Thanks a lot! :)

  7. Thanks for solving the Wubi bit. I was so irritated by the thought that I couldn't get new Ubuntu inside Windows!
    by the way i found a pic with your name "Toxifier" printed on it. I hope you'll love it! hehehe
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    1. Your welcome! :) I'm happy that my article helped you out. Although this Wubi thing is not solved by me. I too wanted to install Ubuntu inside Windows. SO I searched and found it on the internet! :) Thank you for your visit and your precious comment! I hope you have a great day! :D
      And Hahahaha! I loved that tee! LOL! Although I'm a boy, that tee is for girls! :P


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