Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What to eat in an Indian restaurant - Guest Post

India is known as a huge country with many traditions and cultures. Each state in this nation can offer you a different style of living, and more importantly, a different taste of dishes. Indian foods are generally hot, spicy and tangy. Be it mixed ‘veg curry’ or hot ‘mutton biryani’, every Indian food item is rich in a special mouth-watering aroma.
People often get confused with what to select from the food items in an Indian food menu and what should be the right combination to eat. Here are some foods you should eat in an Indian restaurant to comprise a perfect Friday night dinner.

Vegetable samosa with sauce & chutney and ‘Masala Dosa’: ‘Samosa’ is a traditional Indian dish mostly regarded as a breakfast food. It’s made from ‘maida’ (a wheat product) stuffed with vegetable masala which is really spicy and pretty tasty. It’s often taken with tomato sauce or chutney. Chutney is an Indian sauce compounded of sweet and sour ingredients that adds to the taste of vegetable ‘samosa’. ‘Masala Dosa’ with ‘sambar’ is also a well-preferred food in all Indian restaurants.

Veg-biryani, and Fried rice with mixed curry: Wherever you go if you’re in an Indian restaurant, you’ll surely find biryani as a prime food item. ‘Biryani’ is preferred not only by Indians but by many people in USA, UK, Asia and Australia. If you like to take some tasty side item while eating, take fried rice with mixed ‘veg-curry’.

‘Roti’ with ‘dum paneer’: ‘Roti’ is a flat thin bread of flour, a typical north-Indian meal maker. However, it’s every food-lover’s favorite when there’s a gravy and spicy side item like ‘masala tadka’ or ‘dum paneer’ with it.


Mutton ‘biryani’ or ‘palao’: Most of the non-vegetarian people in the world like to eat meat. When you talk about main non-veg. dishes mutton biryani or ‘palao’ with mutton curry is generally preferred by most.

‘Naan’ or Stuffed ‘parathas’ with mutton korma or chicken ‘tikka masala’: ‘Naan’, ‘Tandoor’ and stuffed ‘parathas’ are thick ‘rotis’ usually baked with ghee and stuffed with sweet or spicy ‘masala’ (stuffing). You will really enjoy your dinner if you order two ‘naans’ or ‘parathas’ along with half-a-plate mutton korma or chicken tikka masala. These two dishes are spicy, gravy and delicious.

Rice with fish curry: Now let’s move down to the real taste of eastern part of India. There people often enjoy their weekend feast of plain rice and gravy fish curry with their family and friends. If you’re an avid food-lover, never forget to eat a meal of rice and fish curry. A fish curry is gravy and really appetizing especially when it’s prepared in the East Indian method.

If you’re in an Indian restaurant for the first time and choosing the food by its name is becoming cumbersome for you, order a ‘thaali’. A ‘thaali’ is typically a prepared meal of many food items like ‘roti’, rice, ‘dal’ (a dish of pulses), ‘sabji’ (curry), ‘bhaji’ (fry), ‘papad’ (wafer), ‘dahi’ (curd) and ‘gulab jamun’ (‘rasgolla’ or sweets).


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