Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Open Office

Being a great fan of Linux and Open Source Softwares, Open Office is one such software that I just love! It is perhaps the best substitute available to the so called and much appreciated and moreover much much widely used - The Microsoft Office! The best part about open Office is that, it can satisfy all your needs from amateurish to pro ones without costing you a single penny!
The only feature where one may find Ms Office fit as a paid software are the Word Art and the Clip Art. Though, we know how easy it is to find relevant pictures or photos from the internet, or you might be amazed to know that - YOU CAN EXTEND FUNCTIONALITY BY USING DOWNLOAD CLIP ART FOR OPEN OFFICE TOO(NOW AVAILABLE!!) or find cool word arts which can be simply copied from the internet, courtesy - BrainyBetty!
Open Office can open any document of any version of any office software! For example, many of us still use the Ms Office 2003, but it cannot open the .docx files! So what's the solution? Buy Ms Office? No way! I won't spend too much for just Word Arts and all. My personal suggestion is Download Open Office Its free, its easy to use and moreover it is light, super-fast and just simply amazing! It would satisfy all your needs of an office software and you'd no longer find yourself attached to the paid Ms Office
For more, please visit The Official Site of Open Office - http://www.openoffice.org/

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