Thursday, August 1, 2013

San Andreas is a funny place! :D - Weirdo

Hey all my dear readers!! I hope you all are doing great! :D

Welcome to my blog on this great Thursday evening. And hey, Happy August! :D My birthday is approaching :D 8 more days to go ;)

Today, I wanted to share a super-funny experience of mine I had this morning while playing Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. I was doing the regular cop-irritating-and-killing thing. Why? Well, I wanted to increase my weapon skills, LOL! I have finished that game 100% without cheat codes many times now. So, game story hardly matters to me anymore. I am more interested in finding cool things and doing funny things in San Andreas.

So I was in San Fierro, and practicing the Shotguns when this happened. When the cops were all over the place, I just went on a killing spree and my Sawn-off quickly gained the Hitman level. I was on the Doherty garage that your beloved Catalina gives instead of the ZR350's pink slip/cash >_< As soon as I had the hitman level, I just saved the game and of course lost all the wanted level stars I gained, LOL! But what's funny, or too new in that?

Let me explain, wait a second. If you kill somebody in San Andreas while they are in the car, mostly you take a headshot. The body comes out beheaded and the gate of the car is opened. In some case when you are on a rampage/killing spree the graphical bugs/errors don't let this rendering to happen. This makes such cars' doors locked forever and the bodies lying in them with their heads down on the dashboard.

Now what happened last morning was the driver cop came out of the car, but the other cop didn't. Thus, his body was lying on the passenger seat. I grabbed the wheels and as I drove, the cop's body kept on moving here and there in the car. It was extremely funny. I took a few screenshots while I was driving, and then clicked a few photographs with that camera CJ had. The screenshots and pics follow, have fun! :) I didn't had that screen-recorder installed, else I would have surely made a video. Anyways, the pics are funny too. Enjoy them! :D

Make sure to click the images so that they enlarge and you can have clearer view :)


Pics from CJ's Camera:

Funny, isn't it?! :D I have such funny experiences due to game bugs many a times. I will keep sharing whenever I come across such things! :D By the way, Happy August once again, and don't forget 9th August is my birthday! :D Be there for the party, but of course with a gift, LOL! Just kidding! ;)

Hope to see you all soon again! Have a great evening! :D

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