Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Just another day in San Andreas! - Funny Game Moments

Hey all my dear readers! :D I hope you all are doing great! ^_^ Welcome back again! :D

So I am starting this new topic :D Under this new tag of "Funny Game Moments" and I have made the above pic for that, looks good right?! :D

Back to GTA again? LOL! Nothing like that, actually I clicked too many pics with CJ's camera. Some were quite interesting so thought to share them with you all :D Though since not all can be shared right now, so I'll post some now, some later, okay? :) Enjoy the post full of pics :D

Accidents may happen

People around San Andreas are really crazy. If you ever see them, I mean observer them, you'll see they are all blind! They keep walking in a particular direction until they are blocked by something. Better than Vice City because in Vice City they would keep walking even when blocked and then they tire up, and all. So accidents happen everywhere, so also in San Andreas

Aeroplanes! You fly them for real here

Not including the upcoming GTA V in my talk for now, upto GTA IV if there is a single game where you can fly a real aeroplane and not that Dodo, is GTA San Andreas. Of course I'm talking with respect to only GTA series. They are fun and are quick modes of transportation. The airport access was locked when I took these pics, else there would have been screenshots of CJ flying, LOL! :D

If this camera wasn't there, CJ wasn't clicking the pics! :D

CJ's killing spree

GTA San Andreas is a nice stress buster. At times when you are just too angry, switch on your PC, run GTA SA, and go on a killing spree! LOL!

Was CJ beaten here or it was a little too "undiscussable"

You know this place, don't you? Catalina's Robbing Missions. Well, before one of the robberies, CJ is called inside by Catalina. One can hear him crying out loud as if he is being tortured. Though the GTA Trivia suggests that "The two become romantically involved (Although in CJ's case it was reluctant), with Catalina putting Carl through an extreme form of BDSM before committing a robbery." Strange, people cry having sex? I thought they did that for fun :O

Drugs in San Andreas?

Yes, you can see roadside drug deals in San Andreas. Another reason for the high ESRB rating.

I think the post has been already quite long. Let's share the other pics later in some other post, right? :) Good evening friends :D I hope to see you all soon again with more wonderufl content! :D

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