Monday, August 22, 2011

Chip is far better, damn amazing man!

Hello All!! ^_^
So finally got my hands over The Chip Magazine! :D
And I would say, man! I am just amazed! It is far much better than Digit! Yes! Chip Magazine is an awesome tech-magazine, which is a must read for staying in touch with cool things going around in the tech-bazaar!
The best part about Chip, that I loved, is that the things are written in a professional manner and yet are written from a user's point of view! When I read chip, I felt like some user has written the articles with just soo much passion for technology and Computers, and the user himself has just too much knowledge about it all that he has given his best in writing ever article!
Now, ₹150/- package of Chip Magazine includes a main Magazine, The Chip, a supplementary one, Insider, and A Dual Layer 8.5 GB DVD containing tonnes of freewares! :)
Now lets talk about the main, The CHIP - It is an amazing magazine. The print quality and the pages are of good quality. The content is just tremendous. The magazine talks about almost all the technology one would love to read about, that has just entered the market. Moreover, the magazine talks about it all so awesomely! that you just can't give up reading once you started! I read the whole August issue in just 2 hours! :D The Dr. Chip section is amazing, and so is the Market Watch one!
Inseider - The supplementary magazine focussing on anything hot these days! Like the July issue talked about Android, this August's issue talked about games about to hit the market real soon!! The reviews of the games were written passionately and almost every aspect was touched and talked about. it was awesome! ^_^
The last thing, The DVD - Not much amazed, though this issue had 14 full games too. The content is cool, and yes, the thing that I loved the most was - Fedora 15 Live CD in the Disk! :D i am Linux Fan, so that's one thing that was really amazing for me to see!!! Apart from that, the content is cool, but you can find it all on the Internet for free(and legal too!! LOL!) its just that you can say, your time searching and downloading it is saved!! haha!
So, to the ₹150/- package of CHIP magazine, I would give a rating of 4.2 out of 5. To the Insider I would give an A+ and to the DVD I would give a B+. To the main magazine I would give an A The Magazine is awesome and I recommend it to all of you. I will subscribe it real soon! ^_^
Thanks for reading!! :D

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