Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Digit Magazine

Hello All!! ^_^
As you all know a few days ago I was talking about digit magazine and chip magazine. So finally, I bought a Digit magazine(Chip was unavailable, but will soon buy it too!!). So this is what I would like to say about it. The magazine is cool. I am looking forward to subscribe it. Though until I don't get hold on this month's chip, I won't say that too surely!
Through my searches on the Internet, I have found out that, if we compare the two magazines, CHIP is a better magazine, but the CD/DVD Contents of DIGIT are better. Though I am yet to say that in a confirmed way!
Through my own experience of buying the magazine, Digit is a superb magazine, and the most part of the appreciation, goes to its Fast-Tracks, the small, handy, supplements with every DIGIT magazine, that have got just superb information. For example, this month's issue of Fast-track, was a Fast-Track to Facebook and Google+. Anyone who till date doesn't has much idea about the two sites, can be a superb pro-user by reading the FastTrack just once! It guides so superbly through all basics! Though I knew all of it, but still, for a beginner, it would be a great handy-tool. I would like to read more fast-tracks as they seem to be a beginner information store-house to me.
Talking about the DVD, I am not that satisfied, apart from the Video Tutorials! Just superb addition to a DVD! Rest all content is easily available free of cost on the Internet. Though Tutorials too are available, but finding a good one is a hectic task, that Digit has completed for us!
And now If we talk about the main Magazine, it is cool. The hardware reviews are just super amazing. The editor's picks for storage devices are good too. Though I am not satisfied with the printing and paper quality much, but I guess in ₹150/- they are giving enough to cover-up that slight complaint.
Another supplement was there with this month's issue, it was a SKOAR!..Another great addition to that ₹150 Package! it features just super-duper cool game news and reviews and they are so well written, that I could feel the passion of the writer for the games! Really a big applause for the "SKOAR!".
So I would give a score of 3.8 out 5 to the whole DIGIT magazine pack of ₹150/-...I would also agree it is a value for money magazine, and I feel that I am fully satisfied with my purchase and my spending!...To DVD Content, I would give a B-...To the FastTrack, I would give an A+, to the SKOAR! I would give an A-, and to the Magazine, I would give a B+.....
The scores and ratings may change once I get hold on CHIP. Would soon write about it too. And then, would give a detailed comparative analysis of both the superb tech-mags, in India!
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