Sunday, August 14, 2011

Internet Or Information-net? Not really! :/

Hey all! ^_^
I hope all the readers are doing great!
So, I have been using the Internet for quite a long time now, and the amount of websites that have flourished in just few years is just TOO BIG a number! When I started to use Internet, I felt it to be a super source of information. Information, about anything, and everything, and that too - Almost free! So Internet seemed to be quite a cool place to hang out when bored, reading about things I don't know, and all. But since recent times, as I am saying, there has been a flourishment of websites over here, I see Internet getting irritating and hectic source of information. Earlier, there were real opinions of real people. But now, there are made opinions of fake people, bots, copied-info, and all! More than 50% websites have copied-content! Isn't it just too idiotic? I know, sometimes, we do find good articles, that we like to share. But what if 90% of the site's data is copied content? Doesn't it becomes irritating and futile to visit such a website? And then, getting a good Page Rank and your name on the top pages of Google, by unfair means, is nothing new! I give you a very recent example from my own side. I am a student of Computers. So I want to remain in touch with latest things happening in the tech-market, and the tech-realm! So, the big means include, newsletters, magazines and connecting with technosavy people! I wanted to subscribe a good tech magazine. But I was so confused between the best ones available in India. So where should I look for a review, when no one in my friend circle is a subscriber? Tada!! - Internet! But what do I get? IRRITATION! Fake opinions! Tonnes of crap answers! Height of irrelevance! HUH! And the purpose of using the Internet goes to - HELL! HELL!! HELL!! >_< Now what should I do? Well simple, I would go and buy both the magazines, and compare them my way!And what does Internet gave me as information? NOTHING! All because of the rubbish crap being publicized by unfair means! huh! Maybe, I would like to post a neutral review about which one is better and why, which would be actually helpful, and atleast my blog won't be an irritating source of $#it information! (Pardon that part please!)
So, what I would like to say to all of you, my respected readers, please be cautious while looking at the info on the Internet. Clarify what you read from atleast 5 websites(of which atleast 2 should be trustworthy info sources), to know whether the information you got was correct or not, to know whether your use of the Internet was worth it or not! And try finding information about things you already know and are sure of your knowledge, so that you can be a more experienced user, and can find more trustworthy and original information sources!
Thank you for reading! ^_^

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