Friday, August 5, 2011

Firefox - A better Web Browser

Hello All! ^_^
I have bee using Firefox for more than 5 years now, and I would say I am a proud Firefox User. It is not only my opinion, but millions across the globe would agree that Mozilla Firefox is one of the best Internet Browsers they have used. There are several reasons for that.

#1 - Faster and Lighter - Mozilla Firefox is faster than the Internet Explorer that comes with your windows. I am not talking about web browsing, I am talking about functioning. Firefox executes faster and saves much of the precious RAM of your Computer letting you to have a faster experience with quite a good performance!

#2 - Open Source - Mozilla Corporation is a Open-Source Community, that means its source code can be shared/altered for free!

#3 - Inbuilt Accelerators - I don't know if its a myth or what, but I have experienced it myself, so it ain't a myth, atleast for me. When we download files from Internet Explorer and Firefox, Firefox downloads them faster.

#4 - Secure - hen it comes to security, none of the other browsers can beat Firefox. Safari, by apple, is considered to be one of the most easily-hackable Web Browser. The latest version of Google Chrome is also considered a hacker-friendly one! Internet Explorer, I don't think I have to discuss about it, we all know it already! HUH! Opera, yes, Opera can be one such browser that can get into competition with Firefox when it comes to security.

#5 - Free Apps - These days "apps" have become something that adds a certain glitter to everyone's eyes! Nobody can beat the amount of apps, plug-ins and all that have been made by Mozilla, users, fans, etc. for Firefox!


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