Sunday, August 28, 2011

Logic v/s Programming, A realisation

Hello all! ^_^
As a computer engineering student there is almost every instance in life on which my mind says to me, can we create a program for this? The answer of this for a beginner would be, Maybe! Lets develop logic, and then its all done! But since now I am no longer in that beginner mode and I have started to get hold on the programming, I have realized, making logic is not everything. A logic is of course a primary requirement, but just the logic doesn't solves the problem. Transforming your logic into a computer program is altogether a new challenge. When one starts with programming, he/she gets simple programs in their way, like simple mathematical operations. But as we progress, we see that the complexity increases beyond thinking! So then, logic(certainly remains an important criterion) is not everything! Then a programmers' real skills are tested. Now what are these real skills? - How to transform this logic into a program or into a computer-understandable format. As I am progressing on my path to be a programmer, I have seen that this challenge is much bigger than the former. So this is just a realization for me, I don't know how many of you would agree with me. But certainly, it does gives my brain a superb exercise and I am just loving this so called - COMPUTER PROGRAMMING!

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