Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Single? BE HAPPY!!

Hello Al!! ^_^
I would like to share some of the facts that I have realized from my experiences in life. Though I have never been in any relationship(apart from being a friend, a brother, and a child! LOL!) I am writing this on what I have realized from seeing my friends in relationship! LOL! I am not against it, but I would like to say, even if you are a single, you don't have to be sad! BE HAPPY!! :D :D
#1 - I got time and time and time!!! - You are always free-minded. You can give time to your studies/profession, friends and family

#2 - I don't look at people with caution! - Its not silly! :p Its a fact that you won't be thinking strange things like, why did somebody did that, why did somebody say that, and all...

#3 - Say No To Tears! - LOL! This one is the best! :p I have seen so many friends of mine being sad when they are unable to talk to their partner, or something like that..

#4 - I am not lost, I know where I am, HELLO!! - You are not lost thinking about someone, thinking how to make them happy...Thinking how to look good, better, best, and all...

#5 - I am not Changing - They say that love is unconditional, but most of the people say, "I love you, but not this one thing about you! Please change it!" Now if you want somebody to change, how can you say you love 'em? You are trying to make them the way you want, and that means, you are changing them from them to somebody else!

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