Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Chip v/s Digit - The Final Verdict

Hello All!! ^_^
So finally after writing a review of both the top tech-magazines of India, CHIP and DIGIT,  separately, I would like to give the final verdict from my side which one is better and why. Let us compare everything one by one. 
1. PRICE -  The cost is same, ₹150/-. The CHIP package includes A main Chip Magazine, A Supplement - Insider, and a Dual Layer, 8.5 GB, DVD. The DIGIT package comes with a DVD, a main Digit Magazine, a supplement of SKOAR!(Gaming oriented!) and a handy, small, awesomely amazing - FastTrack!
2. Main Issue
  • Software - Talking about what they write about software, I would say, Chip got no match! Just tremendously fabulous reviews they write! That gives 'em an edge over Digit in Software Part!
  • Hardware - Digit wins over here! Chip got awesome people to write articles for 'em but when it comes to writing about hardware, I would say, Digit got an edge!
  • Other gadgets and Accessories - Chip is a complete tech-pack! It touches almost every new thing going on in the tech-bazaar. Though Digit is more computer oriented.
3. Quality of paper/ink - CHIP! CHIP! CHIP!! Chip is far better in that regard!!
4. Supplements - The Insider by Chip is far more better than SKOAR! by Digit if Insider talks about games. Else also, Insider is better than SKOAR!. SKOAR! is always about gaming , while Insider touches the hottest thing in the market, like, August one talks about games, but the July one talked about Android! Apart from that, Digit gets an edge with its FastTrack since they r small, easy to understand, complete basics guide with something or the other cool and popular going on these days. For example, in August Issue, there were 2 FastTracks - 1 talked about Facebook and Google+ basics, while the other was talking about iOS' basics!!

So if I had to choose, I would choose both! LOL! But if it has to be one, I'll go with Chip because I am more software oriented. Though for a person wanting a better hardware part, then Digit is sure to win! Choice is yours! Choose wisely according to your requirements! Good Luck!! ^_^
Thank you for reading! I have written this review because I myself was totally confused which tech-mag. to subscribe, and when I searched The Internet for knowing which on is better, I thought I better check the two myself and write a review instead of resorting onto what other's say, all because - THE REVIEWS WERE ALL TOO CONFUSING!! HUH!! >_<

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