Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fighting with my own shadows!

Hello all! ^_^
We all are peace loving creatures, even if we don't agree with it. We might be always acting aggressive, but when it comes to fighting, we all want to keep ourselves away from it. It might be because of several reasons, like, lack of courage, or when we know that we're wrong, or maybe we under-estimate ourselves, or over-estimate our opponent!
A simple way of get rid of the major problem, lack of courage, is to train ourselves. But how? We cannot enter into unnecessary arguments for that, NO! I am not trying to agitate you people. The thing is I want to ask, how many of you are ready to fight for the truth? And most of the time, what pulls you back? Insecurity? Fear? Fear of what? You know, you might think it to be fear of your opponent or like that, but actually, its the fear of your ownself. The thing we nurture with the most care in ourselves is our ego and why we fear defeat is that we are scared of shattering ego that, sadly, hurts! {Hush!}
A simple way is fighting your ownself. Again! - NOT HURTING YOURSELF, but to hurt your ego in bits and pieces. It is a very well said saying - "Nobody follows you in the dark, not even your shadow!" Abide to it. How? Well, again simple! When you would hurt your ego in a closed room, there would be no one you would have to fear and you can say yourself anything. Slowly you would be able to leave that cloak of ego, rather you won't need that Shadow to follow you anymore, and then! Just smile!! ^_^
Thanks for reading! Good Night World! ^_^

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