Tuesday, August 2, 2011

One Dicey Issue - Seems Resolved

Hello All!! ^_^
After 2 months holidays, it was my first day at college today, as a senior! Wooo! AS A SENIOR! Man! I can say that yet again - As A SENIOR! SENIOR! SENIOR! LOL! Well, that's gotta feel, you know! haha! But the problem that I was having in going to college was that, I was in a great dilemma! I was feeling strange in going back to an engineering college, where I never thought I will go back to. I always wanted to be a doctor, but alas! Couldn't get into medical, and that too with soo much double-trouble and all that I had been taking, I guess I why I couldn't. Anyways, I gathered strength and went to college. But as soon as I reached there, I didn't feel a bit strange! I was completely fine and the day went on smoothly and just too fine! ^_^ I was happy that the pieces of a mere, shattered childhood dream of being a doctor didn't interfere with my college experiences as a Senior in my college. One thing I learnt about myself today was a fact, that - "Nobody empowers me more than me, myself!" I don't share my sorrow or any experience that makes me sad with anyone(well when I say that I mean, sharing it is a too rare case, less than 0.01% chances). its not that I don't consider anyone worth it, NO! My friends are great and love 'em all, then maybe they be the real world friends, or maybe they be those I have met online on some social networking site! The reason why I don't share such things with people is that, these things are not worthy of being shared. Why should we share our unhappiness? I know its a saying - "Sorrow decreases when shared" But I disagree! Sorrow is something which we should not share with anybody. We should rather try and defeat it on our own, destroy it and come over any sad feelings we have! The reason why I say, I am the one who empowers me the most is that trying to face every situation of life that it offers me on my path, and that too on my own(as much as I can!) has always been a great help in developing me from a kid to a man. It strengthens me! It makes me realize who I am. It makes me know worth of my own powers. It makes me use my brain so that my intelligence is also tested and increased! So you see I am giving you a real life example that we can win over every situation if we keep faith in ourselves!
Good Day everyone! ^_^


  1. Awesome Work Mr. Bhanu Gupta, I mean Toxifier.love ur blog.nice wrk.

  2. Thank you very much Ms. Katie! :D


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